Terrific Production LLC Wants Volunteers for NYCC Intelligence Gathering

New Youngblood publisher Terrific Production LLC has yet to reveal a creative team, release date, or concept for the launch of any of its comics, but now the company's famed Twitter account has revealed a possible reason why: to protect this sensitive information from the prying eyes of rival comic book publishers, who Terrific has in the past demanded stop stealing their artists.

Terrific took to Twitter to post a call for volunteers to engage in a special operation at New York Comic Con last week: providing intelligence on the upcoming releases of other comic book publishers who might be trying to interfere with Terrific's Youngblood Unchained #1 launch. This operation, according to Terrific, is a preemptive strike against "oppressors" who are trying to "gather intelligence about us."

Terrific's tweet prompted global entertainment superstar and fashion icon Donny Cates to chime in, perhaps sore from that time Terrific tried to recruit Ryan Stegman to join their company. An argument ensued.

Cates, outwitted by Andrew Rev and his crack social media team, soon found himself giving up deeply protected industry secrets, such as the existence of the Previews World website which lists the exact dates that every comic book in the direct market is set to come out months in advance. Imagine if Rev gets ahold of this secretive technology! Teriffic Production LLC will be unstoppable! Not even Cates' hardcore fans, the self-termed Catesbronies, will be able to do anything about it.

But Terrific wasn't falling for this.

Terrific responded, but immediately retracted their question, for Cates' own good.

Cates, for his part, was grateful for the save. TERRIFICALLY!

Terrific has been closely guarding the names of its creators from fellow comic book publishers, which they equated with the Nazi High Command during World War 2. Terrific claims to be hiring multiple creative teams to draw Youngblood so that their competitors won't know which one is actually going to be published.


The only people who will know the release date of Terrific's new comic books will be the 100,000 fans of Terrific Productions LLC, who will be notified via email. It's a foolproof plan that can't possibly fail. But lest the Terrifically Legion worry that Terrific is wasting valuable resources by hiring multiple creative teams to draw a single comic as a fake-out, the publisher showed off the fat wad of cash they're saving in their quest to become the next Image partner.


The saga continues…

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