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Happy Thanksgiving, all, and we have a lot to be thankful for. Including a welcome back to Rod Lamberti's 25 Hot Comics. There are a lot of hot comics out there. I was surprised at what I learned researching this, looking at a mixture of both newer and older comics. Strange Academy #1 is doing really well. $50? Did anyone see that coming? Here's a look at twenty-five.

REVIEW: Strange Academy #1 -- "Uniting Scions Of Both 'Good' And 'Bad' Ideologies Under One Educational Roof"
The cover of Strange Academy #1. Credit: Marvel
  1. All-Star Squadron #25 1983 1st Infinity Inc $35
  2. Amazing Spider-Man #300 1988 1st Venom $500
  3. Amazing Spider-Man #654 2011 Flash Thomson becomes Agent Venom $49
  4. Aquaman #57 2002 Birth of Andy $20
  5. Avengers #181 1979 1st appearance of Scott Lang $50
  6. Batman #357 1983 1st Killer Croc and Jason Todd $100
  7. Batman #567 1999 1st Cassandra Cain $50
  8. Batman #609 2003 1st Thomas Elliot who becomes Hush $35
  9. Daredevil #9 1999 1st Echo $50
  10. Darkhawk #1 1991 1st Darkhawk $45
  11. Detective Comics #400 1970 1st Man Bat $350
  12. Green Lantern #25 2008 1st appearance Atrocitus and Larfleeze $30
  13. Justice League #31 2014 1st full appearance of Jessica Cruz $36
  14. Captain Marvel #17 2004 First appearance of Phyla-Vell $50
  15. New X-Men #128 2002 First appearance of Fantomex $45
  16. Predator #1 1989 1st Predator in comics $50
  17. Stars And S.T.R.I.P.E #0 1999 1st professional work of Geoff Johns and first Courtney Whitmore $40
  18. Star Wars: Kanan: The Last Padawan #1 2015 $25
  19. Strange Academy #1 2020 $50
  20. Swamp Thing #37 1985 1st John Constantine $300
  21. Teen Titans #12 2017 1st full Batman Who Laughs $105
  22. Thor #5 2020 1st Black Winter $20
  23. What If #105 1998 1st Spider-Girl $150.00
  24. Wolverine #8 1989 Wolverine teams up with Mr. Fixit Hulk $35
  25. Wonder Woman Annual #4 2020 1st possible Yara Flor $30

As always, hopefully, some of these are already in your collection or at your local comic stores. I know we still had Wonder Woman Annual #4 for cover price. Good luck and happy hunting!

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