The Black Dossier Vinyl Record On YouTube – Alan Moore Sings

While at NYCC, I gave an old aquaintance a copy of the vinyl record from the League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier, released by Knockabout Comics in the UK and given away free with purchase at Gosh Comics (still) in London. An essential purchase for any comic book fan visiting London.

An enterprising young fellow seems to have conquered technology by putting the record, both sides, on YouTube as well as transcribing the lyrics. Remember, this is Alan singing, possibly as you have never heard him sing before…


The record was scrapped by original publishers DC Comics for "copyright and related" reasons. I am told that while the first side was considered acceptable on copyright, with surface similarties to a number of songs of the period (though the Platters's version of My Blue Heaven sticks out to me), there was quite a lot of commotion in the board room when someone compared the second side to the theme from Fireball XL5, though it does seem to deviate significantly after the first verse.

But for those without a) the fortune to live in London b) have a friend who can shop for you in London and c) lacking a record player this may be a help – as long as it stays up. The lyrics of both songs have relevance to both the Black Dossier story and aspects of the subsequent Century book as well, which has its own musical themes.



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