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From One Side Of Free Comic Book Day London 2023 To The Other
And even more to buy! The rain and the reign may have put off some, the line at Forbidden Planet didn't snake around the block and Gosh Comics wasn't chokka on opening But I expect it will pick up later when the big signings at Gosh kick off I grabbed a bag full at each store,[...]
Things To Do In London If You Like Comics, In July 2021
Japanese Embassy 101-104 Piccadilly, London, W1J 7JT Saturday, 3rd of July Krent Able and Shakey Kane signing, Gosh Comics, for the release of their new Image Comics collection Kane & Able 1-2 pm on Saturday 3rd July to get a signed (and bookplated) copy After the signing the bookplate edition is available for order on Gosh's webstore[...]
Taking Pride In Small Press Day In London, Yesterday
I went out with the girls to enjoy the sights, the music, the clothes, the general free spirit of liberation and the lesson that they are free to be whoever they are. It's a pretty good lesson, underlined by ice cream and frozen yoghurts from the appropriate venues along the way. And since the parade was winding[...]
Jillian Tamaki's Print For Gosh Comics' 30th Anniversary
The third in a series 30th Anniversary prints for Gosh Comics, here is the latest from Jillian Tamaki. These are the links to blogpost and product page of the print. It will be as a A3 print retail at £20 each in-store and online, and the A2 Giclee retails for £50 exclusively through our web shop Nancy and Tonya comes as an[...]
Gosh Comics Plans For Free Comic Book Day 2016 Are Utterly Sensational
Bleeding Cool is looking to spotlight individual stores plans for the day, feel free to send your store's info to richjohnston@gmail.com. But today we are looking at the quite magnificent plans of Gosh Comics in London With four separate events for four separate audiences stripped and stranded across the day…  Usually one of these events would[...]
The Phonogram Wrap Party Of 2016 – A Decade Of Delight
One year on. It was the night of the Phonogram Vol 3: The Immaterial Girl signing at Gosh Comics in Soho, London To which the comickeratti of London flocked. With creators of the Phonogram B-side stories that remain only available in the single issues, not the collection, Julia Scheele, Tom Humberstone and Sarah Gordon, they signed up[...]
Mike Allred's Swinging London Print For Gosh Comics, Available Tomorrow
Gosh Comics in London is situated on Berwick Street, a historic road when it comes to British pop music, and part of the London Soho scene. Which makes Mike Allred's exclusive print for the store very apt, showing the comic shop surrounded by the biggest names on the British music scene from decades past, on the streets that[...]
Gosh Comics Was On Tonight's The Apprentice On BBC 2
And one of their sales opportunities was Gosh Comics, in Soho London…. You could almost see Porn Alley…. Time for a wise and learned negotiator to reel them in…  Will they know what hit them?  Blimey, where did he come from?£7 books for £1.75 each? That will do nicely… @richjohnston Yep! Still got some Snottydink from #TheApprentice[...]
A Walking Dead Vol 22 That's Just A Little Better Than Everyone Else's
Talk to the folks at Gosh Comics about it. That's better.   Are you planning to buy a copy of the Walking Dead Vol 22? Does it have a signed and numbered bookplate in it by Charlie Adlard? It doesn't? Well that will never do. Go sort yourself out Talk to the folks at Gosh Comics about it. That's better. [...]
Things To Do In London In August If You Like Comics
Cartoon Museum. Wednesday, August 5th Process: Gosh! Comics monthly event featuring artists discussing their working process, explaining how they go about crafting comics with Julian Hanshaw Thursday, August 6th Animal Antics with Richy K Chandler, Age 8-12, teaching creating animal characters, Cartoon Museum, 11am-1pm Create A Beano Comic-Strip, Age 8-12, 2pm-4pm, Cartoon Museum Friday, August 7th Nine Worlds, Radisson Blu Edwardian, Heathrow,  More[...]
Home From A Free Comic Book Day In London
But the 4 comics–for-£2 bags were also popular and the place was busy busy busy. But, for the kids, Gosh was the star Running a workshop with some of the worlds finest cartoonists, encouraging kids to create characters and tell their stories.   With lots of free comics available in the basement… And cartoonists adding their skills to the[...]
Tonight, Ask Rian Hughes Everything About Multiversity. He Won't Mind, Honest.
Tonight, Rian Hughes is appearing at Gosh Comics in London, on behalf of the centre for adult learning, City Lit. Hughes is well known for his design and advertising work, his typographical work and for his comics work, three spheres that oddly seldom cross. He drew Grant Morrison's Dare, he designed the Forbidden Planet logo as well[...]
Things To Do In London In July If You Like Comics – Neil Gaiman, Melinda Gebbie, Steve Rude, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Dave Gibbons, Robert Crumb And More
Martin's Street Author Christophe Bruchansky will give insight into his creative process, motivation and inspiration for "Omniscience"; his own sci-fi graphic novel, available on tablets (comiXology app and Google Play). Andrew Salmond, Manager of Gosh! Comics in Berwick Street Soho will discuss insider perspective into the market for graphic novels, current trends and how Gosh! selects books for retail. Artist Tom Pearce will[...]
The Look Of Free Comic Book Day 2014 In London
The first time we went to Orbital Comics, the line was round the block… [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9rnKFZbMiw[/youtube] So, with the girls and their schoolfriends we first popped by Forbidden Planet… … and then Gosh… Before heading back to Orbital, Five Guys… …and home. Mouse Guard, Rocket Raccoon, Courtney Crumrin, Top Shelf, Kaboom, Donald Duck, Spongebob, these are the comics we love the most. What[...]
Hellboy Day, From London To Oklahoma City
This afternoon, Duncan Fegredo, Mike McMahon and Lawrence Campbell were happily signing and sketching away at Gosh Comics in London, for Hellboy Day today, with comics, giveaways and eternal damnation.   There were some nice biccies on hand for the creators. And a very tasty limited print that sold nice and quickly. And one that people were happy[...]
Things To Do In London In March During British Comics Month
I do like Gosh Comics of London And Gosh Comics like comics Lots of them And in March they have a lot to show for it, announcing British Comics Month Let's have a look at what they, and others, have planned for the month of March… Now until March 9th – Alone Forever, An Exhibition By[...]
Things To Do In London This Week If You Like Comics – JMS To Tintin
But don't you fret! There are comic book things! Cameron Stewart, Will Simpson, JMS and Tintin! Saturday 4th January Cameron Stewart is signing at Gosh! Comics tomorrow Creator of the award-winning comic Sin Titulo, and artist on such mind blindingly good titles as Batman and Robin and Sea Guy will be at Gosh! on January the 4th from[...]
New Saga Print By Fiona Staples From Gosh Comics Limited To 100. We're Not Lying.
Gosh! Comics of London are publishing two limited edition prints, to accompany their upcoming signings Friday's signing with Fiona Staples, Brandon Graham and Eric Stephenson, and next Wednesday's with Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá. We start with Fiona Staples' Lying Cat from Saga, a digital A3, Colorplan BW print on 270gsm paper, signed by Fiona[...]
Things To Do In London This Weekend If You Like Comics
E-mail for a free place here. Then later Gosh! Comics, launches three new anthologies at a mini-event, Anthologize! with contributors signing copies from 7pm. The Strumpet is a transatlantic, all-female anthology on its third issue and this time, the theme is 'tasty' Food, sex, and, erm, opera are amongst the avenues of exploration chosen by the Strumpets[...]
Things To Do In London – MCM, Jeffrey Catherine Jones And Hic & Hoc
They also have just installed the Mark Buckingham Fables gallery. And Gosh Comics have the launch for the second volume of the Hic & Hoc Illustrated Journal of Humour Edited by Lizz Lunney and Joe List it's a magnificent showcase of comics talent in the UK and features the likes of Krystyna Baczynski, Jack Teagle, Luke[...]
Milligan And McCarthy Talk About… Everything, On Wednesday
You could buy a used copy of Skin by Milligan and McCarthy on Amazon for over £27. Or on Wednesday at 7.30pm, you could go to Gosh Comics in London to hear Peter Milligan and Brendan McCarthy doing a talk and Q&A about their new book from Dark Horse that collects the very best of their hard-to-find[...]
Things To Do: Trifecta, Wordburglar, Caption And John Miers
Tickets here. Caption, the long standing British small press comics convention at the East Oxford Community Centre in Oxford is on this weekend with guests Rian Hughes, Andrzej Klimowski, Danusia Schebal, Al Davison, Paul Collicutt , Karen Rubins, Ian Rakoff and Charles Cutting, from 11am till 11pm on Saturday and 11pm to 5pm on Sunday. A little[...]
Things To Do In London If You Like Comics
Adults only, obviously. Tomorrow it's the official launch of a bunch of SelfMadeHero titles, including The Man Who Laughs by David Hine and Mark Stafford, at Gosh Comics. Saturday, there's the Orbital Comics Pop Up Shop at Ritzy Brixton, alongside the release of Man Of Steel. At Forbidden Planet on Monday, Neil Gaiman is signing copies of Ocean[...]
The New Windows Of Gosh! Comics
    On Free Comic Book Day, Gosh! Comics took the opportunity to wipe their windows clean and for artists such as Mark Buckingham to paint on them from the inside, and create some new representative works of art in the process…           On Free Comic Book Day, Gosh! Comics took the opportunity[...]
The Extraordinary Demographic Of Alan Moore And Kevin O'Neill
[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_tp2UQuvKY[/youtube] A video taken of the recent Nemo: Heart Of Ice signing by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill at Gosh! Comics in London. Most comic book signings, especially of creators predominently known for their superhero work feature a certain demographic White, male, of a certain size and a certain beard length[...]
The Black Dossier Vinyl Record On YouTube – Alan Moore Sings
While at NYCC, I gave an old aquaintance a copy of the vinyl record from the League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier, released by Knockabout Comics in the UK and given away free with purchase at Gosh Comics (still) in London An essential purchase for any comic book fan visiting London. An enterprising young fellow seems[...]