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The Menu Soundtrack Up For Preorder On Waxwork Records
Continuing their stellar 2022 releases, Waxwork Records is handling the vinyl release of the score Featuring jacket artwork by artist Matt Needle, the score is presented on a single 180-gram splatter color vinyl disc It will also come with a limited edition art print It will run you $30 and is up for preorder as[...]
Godzilla Vs Kong Soundtrack On Preorder At Waxwork Records
The scores and soundtracks for these films have also been very memorable, and now Waxwork Records is releasing a vinyl version of the Godzilla Vs Kong soundtrack by Tom Holkenborg This version will release spread across two 180-gram colored discs, and is up for order right now Check it out below. Credit Waxwork Records Godzilla Vs[...]
Serial-killing, cannibalistic furries come to Image Comics courtesy of Plastic and Vinyl creators Doug Wagner and Daniel Hillyard who are teaming up with colourist Rico Renzi for their disturbing neon-horror, Plush This six-issue miniseries will launch from Image and put a spin on fursuit psychopaths this November. Doug Wagner, Daniel Hillyar & Rico Renzi Launch Plush[...]
Gameloft's The Oregon Trail Will See A Vinyl Soundtrack Release
Gameloft has partnered up with Decca Records to release a new vinyl soundtrack pressing for their version of The Oregon Trail The team released their version of the now-iconic learning game back in 2021, which came with its own robust soundtrack that gave the game its own identity Now you can snag that soundtrack for[...]
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Quantic Dream has released a brand new limited-edition vinyl soundtrack for their 2018 video game Detroit: Become Human The official name for this one is Detroit: Become Human Original Soundtrack Volume 2, and presents even more music from the video game that wasn't featured the first time around What's more, the company is making this[...]
Giveaway: Last Night In Soho Original Soundtrack On Vinyl
Would you like to win a copy of the soundtrack for Last Night In Soho on vinyl? All you need is a Twitter account to take part in it Focus Features released the film for DVD/Blu-ray back on January 18th, and with it came this awesome soundtrack that people have been enjoying Now you can[...]
Syberia: The World Before Soundtrack on Special Edition Vinyl
Syberia: The World Before soundtrack is being released by Decca Records on March 18, on a special edition 2-LP color vinyl The soundtrack is composed by Emmy-winning and BAFTA-nominated composer Inon Zur and features Grammy-nominated piano soloist Emily Bear The special edition vinyl soundtrack is also a collector's piece and features concept drawings by the[...]
The Falconeer Receives Limited Edition Double Vinyl
Wired Productions has teamed up with Limited Run Games to release a limited edition double vinyl soundtrack for The Falconeer This is a masterful work from the company as they have brought out the best in the sound and design from the game into a cool collectible item that's well worth your time to listen[...]
Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania Will Release A Vinyl Soundtrack
SEGA has partnered up with iam8bit to released a brand new vinyl soundtrack for their upcoming game Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania This will be a two-LP collection containing 23 tracks of the most famous music from the franchise over the years, as well as new tracks from the upcoming game The soundtrack will have[...]
SEGA and iam8bit Release Sonic Colors: Ultimate vinyl soundtrack
The soundtrack is also getting its own re-mastered special release thanks to SEGA partnering with vinyl and collectible company iam8bit. Sonic Colors: Ultimate open edition vinyl soundtrack Image credit: SEGA and iam8bit The soundtrack for Sonic Colors: Ultimate – playable now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC– is available for pre-order on a special[...]
Black Screen Records To Release VA-11 HALL-A  Vinyl Soundtrack Boxset
Black Screen Records announced today they will be releasing a special five vinyl pressing of the VA-11 HALL-A soundtrack Sukeban Games has partnered with them to release the VA-11 HALL-A: Complete Sound Collection, which has pretty much every song made for the game to give you over three hours of music The full soundtrack was[...]
Final Fantasy XIV Vinyl LP Boxed Set Up For Preorder, Ships Late August
Square Enix has put the boxed set for their collection of Final Fantasy XIV vinyl records up for preorder! The collection costs $99.99 USD to reserve and will ship at the approximate date of August 31st of this year. The cover for the Final Fantasy XIV vinyl collection by Square Enix. This four-record set includes all four[...]
Doug Wagner and Daniel Hillyard Move From Plastic To Vinyl, From Image
Vinyl has been getting a bit of a revival, you may have noticed of late But did anyone expect to see it in comic book stores as well? Creators of the Image Comics series Plastic, Doug Wagner and Daniel Hillyard return to that theme with colourist Dave Stewart for a new dark comedy/horror titled, Vinyl[...]
Blaseball Will Be Getting A "Discipline" Vinyl Soundtrack
Blaseball will be getting a vinyl soundtrack released through iam8bit, specially made for the Discipline Era of the game Officially being called The Blaseball: Discipline, this album is a collaboration with The Game Band (the developers of the online satirical league) and an actual band being called "the garages"  who recorded a bunch of music[...]
doctor who
"Everybody we're working with, all the cast and the people that's working on this, are so brilliant and efficient at their jobs, that it's felt like we've been flying – everyone's loving doing it!" Image: Big Finish So if you're interested in adding Doctor Who – The Ninth Doctor Adventures: Ravagers to your audio drama collection, head on[...]
Two Graphic Novels From Seth In November 2021
Omnis Temporalis: A Visual Long-Playing Record, published on the same day is a musical adaptation of Seth's original George Sprott, on vinyl and packaged by Seth That's even more hipsterish than ever thought possible. Seth's George Sprott A modern opera by the artistic director and musician Mark Haney Omnis Temporalis remixes elements of Seth's George Sprott to[...]
Carrion Will Be Getting A Soundtrack Release On Vonyl
Some horror music news for you today as the Devolver Digital game Carrion will be getting a soundtrack release onto vinyl Materia Collective will be releasing the entire game soundtrack, composed by Cris Velasco, and with help from developer Phobia Game Studio Velasco's 25-track album will be every fans haunting dreams as they aim to[...]
The Coffee Talk Soundtrack Is Being Released On Vinyl
Black Screen Records and Toge Productions revealed today that the Coffee Talk soundtrack will be coming to vinyl One of the unsung characters of the game is the music in the background as you're having your chats over a cup of brew, and now you can take that music home and throw it on a[...]
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Is Getting A Vinyl Soundtrack Release
Laced Records revealed today they've partnered with Activision and From Software for a Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice vinyl release But it won't just be a single record as the company will be working on both a deluxe quadruple vinyl and double CD, giving you multiple options to get ahold of this future classic soundtrack. All of[...]
Black Screen Records Announces Super Mario 64 Arrangement Album
As you can see from the artwork here, the album will be available on Red/Blue, Gold/Gold & Black/Black double vinyl records, embossed & gold-foiled gatefold sleeve which includes an eight-page 12" booklet There will also be a Green/Blue vinyl exclusively available from Materia Collective We have more details below as you can pre-order the album now[...]
Street Fighter 3's Soundtrack Is Coming To Vinyl From Laced Records
Laced Records are partnering with Capcom again, this time to bring the Street Fighter 3 soundtrack to vinyl Unlike previous releases, this isn't just the main game They're bringing every version of the series to the soundtrack so you have the most complete version Officially being called The Street Fighter III: The Collection, this will be[...]
Iam8bit Is Releasing A "Pac-Man" Anniversary Record Store Day Exclusive
This year for Record Store Day, iam8bit released a special Single for the 40th Anniversary of Pac-Man onto vinyl as a special exclusive The Single was supposed to be released back in April, but then CoVID-19 hit the general public, and RSD was postponed clear until today, August 29th Now that the album is out,[...]
Black Screen Records Reveals Othercide & Risk Of Rain 2 Vinyls
Black Screen Records revealed two new vinyl video game soundtrack releases this week with Othercide and Risk Of Rain 2 Both of these are presented in awesome 180g vinyl as you're getting the complete soundtrack for both Othercide is going for €30 to be released in September, while Risk Of Rain 2 with extra records[...]
The Borderlands Soundtrack Is Finally Coming To Vinyl
This week, 2K Games and Laced Records revealed that they will be releasing a vinyl version for the original Borderlands soundtrack The soundtrack will have 30 remastered tracks from the team who worked on the original score, bringing those tunes back to life eleven years later This will be sold as a double LP, and[...]
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint Is Going Vinyl
Ubisoft and Laced Records announced today that Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint will be getting a vinyl soundtrack release This is basically like a lot of previous releases to be announced fromt he company this year, as they are taking the original score and putting it onto two LPs The soundtrack was composed and recorded[...]
A collection of films by Disney Pixar Animation Studios on Blu-ray, including Finding Nemo, Up, Wall-e, Toy Story, Monsters and Ratatouille. Editorial credit: Christian Bertrand /
Editorial credit: Christian Bertrand / Rise From The Ashes Like Vinyl Companies did this to themselves, of course Re-releasing titles over and over again, shrinking catalog offerings, and losing focus on what to put on releases that collectors want have led to a crashing market Me personally, I have always preferred physical media to digital, as[...]
The Mega Man X Series Is Getting A Vinyl Soundtrack
Capcom and Laced Records announced this morning that the entire Mega Man X collection would be getting a vinyl soundtrack release This is going to be one hell of a collection for fans of the franchise as this will span all eight games from 1993 until 2004 Officially being called the Mega Man X 1-8:[...]
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Remedy Entertainment, 505 Games, and Laced Records have come together to release the soundtrack for Control on vinyl The soundtrack will be comprised of 16 tracks recorded by BAFTA award-winning composer Petri Alanko (Alan Wake, Quantum Break) and G.A.N.G award-winning composer Martin Stig Andersen (Limbo, INSIDE, Wolfenstein.) Apparently, the soundtrack was created in some very[...]
Star Wars Shadows Of The Empire Soundtrack
N64 fans will be happy to know that as part of Star Wars Day, the Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire soundtrack is getting a vinyl release The game was released in late 1996 as one of the first major titles for the console not made by Nintendo The game is a third-person shooter with[...]
Record Store Day 2020 Delayed Until June 20th
Record Store Day, the twice-annual gathering around the world of music fans at record stores featuring tons of exclusive vinyl releases, has been delayed Originally set for April 18th, it will now take place on June 20th This is of course a delay because of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, as large gatherings continue to be[...]