The DC Comics Character Hiding In The Secret Six (SPOILERS)

Secret Six has a number of main characters. Six of them in fact. Some are mysteries, some are not. But one looks like they have revealed themselves with the latest issue, Secret Six #3.

But take Damon Wells…

Secret Six (2014-) 001-015

Big Shot. As he says, he can swell up.

Secret Six (2014-) 001-018

A classic fifties noir type of private investigator, those mass changing powers, which comes in handy when he wants to put the smack down.

Secret Six (2014-) 003-006

Or whatever issues he's dealing with today. And from issue 3, out this week, he has a particularly sticky one.

Secret Six (2014-) 003-007

And he misses his dead wife very much. And has turned a suburban home into a shrine to her.

Secret Six (2014-) 003-009

Except, Damon Wells is not his real name.

Secret Six (2014-) 003-008

No Lori, it is not. The last page gives you his real surname.

Secret Six (2014-) 003-022

Ralph Dibny. The Elongated Man.

ralphandsueThe upbeat, silly, bouncy, whimsical figure of the DC Universe.


Whose wife, Sue Dibny, was, you know, raped by Dr Light, then murdered by Jean Loring in the infamous Identity Crisis.


Yup. And unseen for some time, espeically since the New 52 reboot, but is seems has been hiding in the New 52 under the identity of Big Shot.

But for the identity of Mockingbird? Yeah, you'll just have to read the comic for that.

Not the only hidden character this week. More on that to come…

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