The Great Cyclops Conspiracy Of 2014

Bleeding Cool has already shared its theories of what the upcoming AXIS crossover entails, and we believe it will see a flipping of the moral standing of the good guys and the bad buys. Carnage draped in the American flag as a patriotic hero to replace Venom, Thor becoming unworthy to wield the hammer Mjolnir, Iron Man getting all "superior", Havok getting mind-controlled into naughtiness and Cyclops going downright bad.

But what might happen with Cyclops? Well, Bleeding Cool readers Michael Savage and Clark Leslie have their own theories and I must admit I was quite taken with them.

But first we need to join some dots.

In the X-Men story, The Twelve, where a dozen mutants were destined to lead mutantkind in war against humanity, Cyclops was taken over by Apocalypse. Looking a bit like this:


He died, but eventually returned, and he considers leaving the team. However, the future Jean Grey urged him to live on as he has "never been more alive" and avoid the Here Comes Tomorrow timeline.


In Avengers Vs X-Men, the Phoenix takes over Scott Summers. Sinister emerged in the Uncanny X-Men title at the time, crossing over with AVX, creating the City Of Sinisters, before being chased off by Cyclops.


The Cyclops Phoenix kills Professor X. In Avengers Vs X-Men: Consequences, Sinister poses as their PR representative to talk to Cyclops in jail.

Uncanny X-Men #20 (2012) - Page 18

In All-New X-Men, the new youngsters arrive from the past to talk some sense into their future Cyclops. It doesn't work as Hank thought it might.


The All-New X-Men can't go home for some still-unknown reason, and Young Cyclops goes into space with his dad.

The Dark Beast arrives in Uncanny X-Men, revealed as the one controlling the Sentinels in their attack against the X-Men and charged with planting the nano machines that screwed up Cyclops' powers. He dies…

Uncanny X-Men #22 (2014) - Page 16

Cyclops admits to Quentin Quire that he is "wrestling with demons" in Wolverine & The X-Men issue #4 (with a flashback to Scott being controlled by Apocalypse.)


Okay, those are the dots. Now lets see what picture they make if we step back, squint hard and try to see the sailboat.

Cyclops has been carrying Apocalypse' spirit since The Twelve. The Phoenix woke it up.
Sinister is laying groundwork for new four Horsemen, with the Dark Beast working for Sinister as he was during the alternative timeline in Age Of Apocalypse? And Cyclops is beginning to lose control again, feeling he had nothing to live for and melting down this time, killing Xavier…

Could Cyclops be the host for the return of Apocalypse, engineered by Sinister and the Dark Beast? And would the remaining All-New X-Men make for new horsemen, Jean, Iceman, Angel, Young Beast – waiting for activation inside the school, and infected by those nano sentinels?

Could Brian Bendis be about to usher in a new Age Of Apocalypse, after Cyclops killed off Professor X and using the instruments of his original dream to do so?

With Red Onslaught approaching in Axis, does the Red Skull turn the "leader" of the mutants against his own race? Is he the one to "activate" Apocalypse to rid the earth of mutants? Is that why he took Xavier's brain in the first place, to turn Cyclops against humans and mutants, thereby creating the predicted mutant apocalypse?

With young Cyclops being out in space with his father, will he come back, forced to take his older self out?

Have Evan (Kid Apocalypse) and Cyclops even been in the same room with one another?

Now, this is nothing but mindless speculation. Apart from the nature of AXIS, none of this has even been rumoured. But, if nothing else, it's an entertaining theory. But with Apocalypse making a lead appearance in the next Fox X-Men film, it is likely that Marvel will want to claim the character prominently as their own first, as they did with the time travel stories before the release of Days Of Future Past. 

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