The Importance Of Surrealism And Abstract Thought


By Joe Badon

The old proverb states that: "There is nothing new under the sun."

This can feel very true when surveying the landscape of our paint-by-numbers creativity. One thing that stifles new ideas is the fear of breaking man-made rules handed down to us from teachers and professors trying to put boundary lines around the abstract.


The true forerunners, the true ground breakers were and always will be the ones who breaks the rules. Who go against conventional thought in order to create something new out of the chaos. As God breathed life into the chaotic darkness and created a beautifully complex order so artists, writers, musicians and creators are called to plunge into artistic anarchy and bring back beauty.


There is a definite place and importance for the surreal and the abstract in the art, writing, film and music communities.

Trailblazers like David Lynch, Jack Kerouac, Jackson Pollock, John Cage and others who pushed the envelopes of their craft.

This type of artistic expression is something that needs to be tackled more in the comics community. This is what I attempt to do in my comic book The Man with Ten Thousand Eyes.


In my story, a young man named Wendell leads a very normal, mundane, regimented life. One day, his life turns upside down when a third eye grows in the middle of his forehead. This third eye gives Wendell the ability to see into others lives and also see into the future. But he soon loses control of that power when eyeballs begin popping up all over his body!

Drawing from my love of surrealist film and fiction (such as Eraserhead, Metamorphosis and 2001: A Space Odyssey), I endeavor to tackle such topics as Purpose, God and the Meaning of Life.


I am currently running a kickstarter campaign that will allow me to finish the artwork and lettering for the book and will afford me the ability to make a decent sized print run.

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