The Name Of Frank Miller's Next Sin City Story

sincityjailWe ran an article the other week, with Frank Miller talking about the plot of Dark Knight in an interview with French newspaper Le Monde.

But also in that interview, Miller talked abut his next planned Sin City volume, which he mentioned at New York Comic Con. But this time he gave it a name.

I just worked on several different projects, in quiet. The Master Race is one of them. But there is also a Sin City series, Home Front, a love story between an American federal agent and the Head of the French resistance network during World War II.

I have always been interested in the Second World War – as far as I can remember, I was fascinated by this period. I also love clothes, the cars of that era. The fact that I chose to place the action of Sin City at this moment in time, lets me draw what I really want to.

Sin City: Home Front it is…

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