Thought Bubble Debut: Brigantia #1 By Chris Mole And Melissa Trender

The Thought Bubble Festival begins in Leeds in seven days' time, with the comic-con side beginning in eleven days. Bleeding Cool will be there, represented by me and Olly Macnamee, and there will be plenty of comic books old and new to pick up. We're going to try and take a look at some of the comics appearing for the first time at the show. If you are exhibiting at Thought Bubble and would like to preview something you are debuting there, please let us know!

Brigantia #1 by Chris Mole and Melissa Trender is a comic book about a Romano-British goddess from the north of England, betrayed by her brother Veteris and tricked into travelling through a one-way time portal to contemporary Britain. While on her quest to seek vengeance on Veteris, she befriends Pravin, a bookish historian who specialises in Celtic paganism.

"But how far will the sadistic Veteris go to preserve the dominion that he has spent centuries cultivating? Brigantia must adapt quickly to a time that has forgotten her and break Veteris' control over the people of Britain, so that she can return to her own time.

Brigantia is a fantasy adventure story which addresses questions about equality and the state of the modern world. It weaves together history and mythology to create a world where the ancient gods are real, but depend on the belief of humans to maintain their power."

You can read more here, and see a preview below.

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