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Tim Sale, Batman: The Long Halloween Artist, in Hospital

Tim Sale, artist of the classic series Batman: The Long Halloween, has been admitted to hospital with "severe health issues". His friend and colleague Jim Lee tweeted the news to let everyone know.

Tim Sale, Batman: The Long Halloween Artist in Hospital,
"Batman: The Long Halloween" cover art by Tim Sale, DC Comics

"I regret to share the very sad news that the legendary artist Tim Sale has been admitted to the hospital with severe health issues. Tim, I am praying for you, buddy. Stay strong & know that your legions of fans around the world loves & cherishes you & your amazing talent," Lee tweeted.

Sale, 66, is best known for his collaborations with writer Jeph Loeb on Batman: The Long Halloween, long acclaimed 13-issue miniseries now considered one of the most influential Batman storylines since Frank Miller's The Dark Knight and Batman: Year One, and Batman: The Killing Joke. Story elements from Batman: The Long Halloween have been used in various Batman movies and TV projects in the decades since its publication in 1997, the latest example being Matt Reeves' The Batman. Sale was also the artist on the sequel miniseries Batman: Dark Victory, Superman For All Seasons, a retelling of Superman's origin and first year, and Daredevil: Yellow, a retelling of Matt Murdoch's origin years for Marvel, also written by Loeb. Another spinoff from Batman: The Long Halloween that Loeb and Sale created was Catwoman: When in Rome, a miniseries that also planted the seeds of many elements of Selina Kyle's character and personal history that are still being used in both comics and other media like Film and Television to this day. Sale was especially prolific throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, drawing major titles for DC, Marvel and Dark Horse Comics.

There are no current details about Sale's condition or what he's ailing from. We respect his and his family's privacy and will report on any further developments as they become publicly available.

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