TOKYOPOP Is Bringing Disney Manga Back To The US!

Sofia Annunziata reporting from NYCC for Bleeding Cool

TOKYOPOP is bringing Disney manga back to the US

In the coming months TOKYOPOP is bringing translated editions of both manga already released in Japan well as all new original works to America.  During their panel at New York Comic Con, they presented just some of what we have to look forward to, including:

Beauty and the Beast– a two volume companion set, with one told from Belle's point of view and one from the Beast's.

Descendants– two trilogy sets, the first being based on the first movie, the second being a completely new story.

Kilala Princess– A Japanese Shoujo original that is kind of a princess version of Kingdom Hearts.  Kilala Princess will also be crossing paths with a new diverse set of princesses: Mulan, Merida, Rapunzel, Tiana and Pocahontas (Disney is being very careful with their Pocahontas representation).

Magical Dance– A secret project that came out of Disney's Japan division

Stitch– In this manga trilogy Stitch finds a companion in a girl from Japan's Okinawa island, sadly there is no Lilo that we have all come to know and love.

Tangled– A straight-up manga adaptation of the original Disney movie.

Nightmare Before Christmas– A collector's  limited edition hardcover can be found at Booksamillion. A soft cover version will be available later this month.

In addition, there will also be an exciting completely original Nightmare Before Christmas single-issue comic being released in May, based around Jack's dog Zero! There might even be limited edition plush toys to go along with it.  From the fully colored comic, this story will be decolorized and shaded for a manga edition.

Pirates of the Caribbean– Mangas based on the movies as well as Japanese original stories called Jack Sparrow's Adventures.

TOKYOPOP will also be releasing new original manga arcs by diverse women authors from around the world. Ocean of Secrets by Sofie-chan, Goldfisch by Nana Ya, Kamo and Undead Messiah by Ban and Jin Zarbo, respectively and Sword Princess Amaltea by Natalia Batista.

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