TOLDJA: The Return Of The Authority To DC Comics

It is a truth universally acknowledged that no one has been able to do DC Comics/Wildstorm's The Authority right aside from Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch, then Mark Millar and Frank Quitely/Chris Weston/Arthur Adams. Not even Grant Morrison managed. But, as Bleeding Cool told you, it looks like DC Comics are going to have another attempt with Becky Cloonan and Michael W Conrad taking the lead.

On December 17th, Bleeding Cool looked at gossip that The Authority were to return after DC Future State after we got the tipoff that a) The Authority would be mentioned in an upcoming comic and b) Apollo would return as well as Midnighter and Grifter from the Wildstorm universe. Whether their appearance in a Superman comic would lead to the long-rumoured plot that Superman would end up leading The Authority is unknown, it is very likely this was a Brian Bendis planned plotline that was abandoned when he left the character earlier than planned. But who knows? It could still be a fun idea.

TOLDJA: The Return Of The Authority To DC Comics
Action Comics #1030

Well, the new DC Comics April 2021 solicitations do mention The Authority as part of a Midnighter back-up strip, for the first time in years. Could this be the start of something… bigger? And has the Midnighter of the Future State swapping places with the current Midnighter. So at least one character in the DCU will know what happened – or is going to happen. Will he be the Psycho-Pirate of DC Infinite Frontier?

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backup story art by MICHAEL AVON OEMING
cover by MIKEL JANÍN
card stock variant cover by JULIAN TOTINO TEDESCO
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"Warworld Rising" starts here! A new chapter in Superman's life begins as the challenges of Dark Nights: Death Metal are causing Clark Kent to feel…a change in his powers. Is it possible the Metropolis Marvel could be losing a step? His struggles in taking down the creatures from the Breach would suggest as much! If he's going to continue to protect the people of Earth, he'll have to adapt—especially with threats like Mongul out there waiting to launch their biggest attacks on the Earth yet. That's right, those are Warworld battleships just outside our orbit, and they are heading straight for us!
Meanwhile, in the Midnighter backup story, the bad boy of the Authority has to figure out what Andrej Trojan is up to in the present if he ever wants to get back to Future State and swap places with the Midnighter of 2021, whom he left stranded on Warworld.

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