Tom Brevoort is 8 Months Behind on Reading Marvel Comics; Let's Spoil Them for Him

If you've ever wondered why Marvel comics seem to make less and less sense within the shared continuity of their own universe, with characters appearing in multiple books in the same months on completely different adventures and world-threatening events like invading celestial hosts going apparently unnoticed in other titles, perhaps Marvel Executive Vice President Tom Brevoort has shed a little light on the reasons on Twitter. Long known as one of the foremost experts on the Marvel Universe, Brevoort revealed on Twitter Tuesday that he's fallen a little behind on reading some Marvel comic books.

It's unclear why Brevoort has developed such a large backlog of Marvel titles. How many Marvel comics are canceled before they've even published 8 months worth of issues, which means a comic could launch and be canceled before a top Marvel executive has even read the first issue! Might Brevoort have noticed Ryan Ottley's hidden message in Amazing Spider-Man if he'd read it?

Of course, there are comics that Brevoort does make time to read, like the latest creator-owned comics from "The Great One" Brian Bendis, published by rival DC Comics!

Does this mean Brevoort is looking to jump ship to the Distinguished Competition like The Great One did before him? The only reasonable conclusion we can make from reading two out-of-context tweets, staying true to Bleeding Cool's reputation for journalistic integrity, is: if he does, you heard it here first. Pip pip!

But more importantly, how can Bleeding Cool help Brevoort catch up? By doing the one thing that both Marvel and Bleeding Cool both always find pleasure in: spoiling comics. It seems like no major story development can happen without a Marvel-sanctioned article in the New York Times blowing it before readers get a chance to see it for themselves. Just because Tom Brevoort is a grizzled veteran with decades of industry experience doesn't mean he shouldn't get the chance to experience Marvel Comics just like a reader!

So let's get to spoiling, folks!

Tom Brevoort is 8 Months Behind on Reading Marvel Comics; Let's Spoil Them for Him

In Avengers, it turns out that the humans were the cure all along. Nobody actually found Wolverine, but we're gonna try again in a new mini-series. Psylocke is Caucasian again. Both Cable and Bloodstorm are dead, but — shocker — it was a younger version of Cable who killed them, canceling one out. Young Cable also pulled a Mutant Massacre on Angel. Kitty and Colossus didn't get married, but Rogue and Gambit did. Deadpool wiped his own memories so he could have a status quo reboot for his new series.  The Fantastic Four are back. Captain America is trying not to be a Nazi anymore. Black Panther is in space. Amazing Spider-Man has a double.  Rogue has a double.  Daredevil has a double. Gamora killed Thanos. And Star Lord (but it didn't count). Lockjaw is dead. Frank Castle is the Cosmic Ghost Rider. Peter Parker and Mary Jane are a couple again.

Are we missing anything? Post your spoilers in the comics, folks so that we can let Tom know what's going on so he doesn't need to take any more time out of his valuable schedule of reading DC comics. Tom, you can thank us later.

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