REVIEW: Legion Of Super-Heroes #3 -- "That's All Very Weird"

REVIEW: Legion Of Super-Heroes #3 — "That's All Very Weird"

(DC Comics, creative team: Brian Michael Bendis, Ryan Sook, Travis Moore, Wade von Grawbadger, Jordie Bellaire, Troy Peteri) Let's start with the good news: the future looks fantastic. The color palette, the lighting effects, the crisp linework, it's all gorgeous. The Legion hasn't looked this good since the late, lamented Waid Kitson Reboot Period (taken […]

Bendis Does Crisis – and The New Universe – For Naomi #5's Big Reveal (Spoilers)

Everyone is doing multipe dimensions these days. Right now Justice League is messing with the Sixth Dimension, The Batman Who Laughs is bringing people from the Dark Dimensions – and will be swapping out characters for their worst dimensional equivalent, Secret Wars blew up Marvel's multiverse then put it together again, while the Fantastic Four […]

"The Great One" Brian Bendis Teases Things to Come in 2019

Superstar writer "The Great One" Brian Bendis took to Instagram Wednesday to usher in the new year with a series of ten tantalizing teases about what to expect from him in the coming year (and no, going back to Marvel is not one of them). On the post, Bendis set the ground rules: 2019- a […]

Tom Brevoort is 8 Months Behind on Reading Marvel Comics; Let's Spoil Them for Him

If you've ever wondered why Marvel comics seem to make less and less sense within the shared continuity of their own universe, with characters appearing in multiple books in the same months on completely different adventures and world-threatening events like invading celestial hosts going apparently unnoticed in other titles, perhaps Marvel Executive Vice President Tom […]

Bendis and Snyder Sitting in a Tree T-E-X-T-I-N-G

It's Summertime, and the smell of fresh reboot is in the air! Superstar writers "The Great One" Brian Bendis and "Scintillating" Scott Snyder both have new comics at DC. For Bendis, it's Superman and Action Comics, coming off his six-issue Man of Steel mini-series. For Snyder, it's Justice League. Could we be set to see […]

Is This DC's TV Commercial for Superman and Man of Steel by Brian Michael Bendis?

Earlier this week, Superstar writer "The Great One" Brian Michael Bendis revealed that DC was producing a television commercial to advertise his upcoming run on Superman and Action Comics. A few days later, DC posted a press release on their website advertising the first issue of both books. Attached was the following video. Is this […]

Did Bendis's Man of Steel Live Up to the Hype? [Poll] [Spoilers]

All six issues of Man of Steel have been released, which should give us a pretty good idea of what to expect from writer "The Great One" Brian Michael Bendis. Bendis introduced several storylines that are sure to play out in the coming months: Jonathan and Lois's space road trip with Grandpa, the Metropolis arson, […]

DC Shocker: Bendis Read Superman Back Issues in Preparation for Job

Superstar writer "The Great One" Brian Michael Bendis will shortly not-a-reboot Superman's continuity with the weekly Man of Steel mini-series launching on May 30th and leading into Bendis's run as the writer of both Superman and Action Comics. But for DC fans panicked that Bendis will tear Superman's continuity in half like a rampaging She-Hulk […]

Bendis: "I'm Not Going to Kill Lois Lane in the Most Gruesome Way Possible"

With superstar writer "The Great One" Brian Michael Bendis set to take over Superman and Action Comics at DC, beginning with a mini-series called Man of Steel, many Superman fans have been bracing for Bendis to pull an "Avengers Disassembled," sending Superman's beloved continuity speeding on a malfunctioning jetpack toward a fiery doom while shouting […]

DC Comics to Make Brian Michael Bendis's Man of Steel Returnable

Well, this is a new experience for Brian Michael Bendis. He has been used to his launch books at Marvel getting massive amounts of variant covers, as well as retailers getting added discounts if they order high and match orders with previous issues. But at DC Comics, they do things differently. So for the launch […]

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Brian Michael Bendis Finally Does Right by Armadillo (Jessica Jones #18 Spoilers)

Brian Michael Bendis has been accused of playing fast and loose with Marvel Comics continuity, ignoring plots and character progression in other titles that may affect the characters he uses to tell his stories. But he is pretty good with his own continuity. Mostly. And over 2017, Bendis used bit-villain Armadillo a lot. Across his […]

Brian Michael Bendis's Creator-Owned Comics to Cost Less from DC Than Marvel

Brian Michael Bendis has moved his Jinxworld line of comics through a few publishers over the years. Caliber at first, then Oni, then Image, then Marvel, and now DC Comics. Brian Michael Bendis's critically acclaimed Jinxworld library now comes to DC! These classic, award-winning graphic novels, including JINX, TORSO, POWERS, GOLDFISH, BRILLIANT, TAKIO and SCARLET […]

Brian Michael Bendis at ECCC 2018: "Truth is Under Siege in Our Society Today"

Ian Melton went to ECCC last week. He writes: Emerald City Comic Con was Brian Michael Bendis's first convention since he announced his move to DC and his first ECCC appearance in years. A regular to Seattle for ECCC for years, not since Scarlett launched has he made a lengthy time at the Seattle convention. […]

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"Bendis Is Coming" in This Week's DC Comics Titles

Expect this as a poster in comic book stores, but also across your DC Comics titles tomorrow. Bendis Is Coming. It's a play on their strategy when grabbing a major comic book creator from the competition, often someone deeply associated with that competition, such as Jack Kirby… …or John Romita Jr. This time, however Marvel Comics […]

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Brian Michael Bendis on Turning Down Batman for Superman

Brian Michael Bendis has given John Siuntres's Word Balloon podcast the ins and outs of leaving Marvel, joining DC Comics and his recent health issues, over two hours and change. A regular guest on the show, this week, he gave them his all. On leaving Marvel at this particular time: "Legacy felt like these stories […]

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Bendis to Bring Back Tony Stark as Iron Man Ahead of Iron Man #600

Superstar writer "The Great One" Brian Michael Bendis left his mark on the Iron Man title by introducing Riri Williams to replace Tony Stark as the star of Invincible Iron Man, but it looks like he will leave his mark one more time before leaving for the greener pastures of DC Comics. In Marvel's April […]

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The Definitive Truth Behind Why Brian Michael Bendis Left Marvel For DC

Much has been said about why longtime superstar Marvel writer "The Great One" Brian Michael Bendis abandoned his post at the House of Ideas to defect to rival DC Comics earlier this month. But as with the other big story last week, it took a real journalistic outlet to blow the lid off the story. […]