Official: Artgerm's Punchline Cover Switches From Batman #94 to #92

Oh, some people are going to be rather annoyed about this. I'd heard the rumour, but it has now gone official on Diamond's website and retailers are expected to be informed by DC Comics later today. The first Punchline cover, featuring the new girlfriend of The Joker, drawn by Stanley 'Artgerm' Lau, was to have […]

Pepe Larraz's Cover for the House Of X/Powers Of X Hardcover

Here's a look at Pepe Larraz's new cover for the House Of X/Powers Of X hardcover, hitting comic book stores on December 11th, and bookstores on December 24th. A two week lead for the direct market, handy in the run-up to Christmas. That's the standard cover, while the Direct Market-only version not available to bookstores […]

Spawn #302 Comes Back Down to $2.99 - and Gets a New Todd McFarlane Cover

Spawn #302 Comes Back Down to $2.99 – and Gets a New Todd McFarlane Cover

We thought for a minute we had lost it. Spawn #302 was solicited as a $3.99 comic book. The only remaining Image Comics title at that price point, and the only one amongst the main comic book publishers, aside from Looney Tunes and Scooby-Doo comic books over at DC Comics. SPAWN #302 WRITER: Todd McFarlane ARTIST: Jason […]

When Brian Bendis Told David Mack to Make a "Purposely Bad Cash-Grab Comic"

In a shocking interview, superstar writer "The Great One" Brian Bendis ordered a collaborator to make a "purposely bad cash-grab comic." And no, we're not talking about Civil War 2. Bendis was chatting with about Cover, his new creator-owned comic with superstar artist David Mack about a comic book creator who gets pulled into […]

Cover #1 cover by David Mack

Cover #1 Advance Review: Great Dialogue, Better Art, Lukewarm Story

Comic artist Max Fields is approached by a strange woman named Julia at a comic convention who is a big fan of his work. She buys thousands of dollars' worth of his work. At another convention, Max runs into Julia again, and she buys more of his art and takes him out to dinner. There, […]

Tom Brevoort is 8 Months Behind on Reading Marvel Comics; Let's Spoil Them for Him

If you've ever wondered why Marvel comics seem to make less and less sense within the shared continuity of their own universe, with characters appearing in multiple books in the same months on completely different adventures and world-threatening events like invading celestial hosts going apparently unnoticed in other titles, perhaps Marvel Executive Vice President Tom […]

Focus on David Mack at SDCC: Inkpot, Jessica Jones, Autism, and Me

The panel kicked off with a well-deserved awarding of Comic-Con International's Inkpot Award to David Mack for his contributions to comics, television, film, and humanity. Next the panel moderator Wendy Browne from Women Write About Comics. kicked off the panel by showing a music video that Mack did for Amanda Palmer's song 'Pulp Fiction' that was […]

Frank Miller's Cover For Kamandi Challenge #12

DC Comics are to publish the final issue of their Kamandi Challenge project, with randomly paired teams creating an exquisite corpse of a comic book story. And with the last issue teaming Gail Simone and Ryan Sook, with one of the late Len Wein's last stories with Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, it will also be accompanied by a cover […]

Marvel Legacy One Shot Looks Suspiciously Old School

Just revealed at the Marvel's Next Big Thing panel at C2E2, we have been shown this cover to the oversized Marvel Legacy one-shot that launches the big Marvel Legacy rebranding that is part of Marvel's yearly refresh. First up, this cover by Joe Quesada is gorgeous. I mean just….GORGEOUS. But something sticks out a bit. […]

Todd McFarlane's Cover For Spawn Kills Everyone #1 Second Print

This sold extremely well yesterday I'm assuming due to @bleedingcool. We're almost out. — Twilite Zone (@TZComics) August 18, 2016 Last Wednesday, Bleeding Cool ran a story about the parody comic Spawn Kills Everyone #1 by Todd McFarlane and JJ Kirby. It involved the assassination of a cosplayer dressed as Donald Trump at San Diego Comic-Con. It […]

Babs Tarr's Wonder Woman Cover To San Diego Comic-Con 2016 Souvenir Book SDCC

Babs Tarr has drawn the cover to this year's Souvenir Book for San Diego Comic-Con, celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Wonder Woman. It's one of those years, the catalog also recognises the 75th anniversary of Aquaman, Archie, Captain America, Green Arrow, Plastic Man, the 50th anniversary of the Batman TV show, Black Panther, the Silver […]

Outcast And Justice League Rebirth On The Cover Of Next Week's Previews

Outcast by Kirkman & Azecata takes the front of next week's Diamond Previews for comics shipping in July, as the Cinemax TV show makes its way to broadcast. While DC Comics' Justice League: Rebirth #1 and Justice League #1 take the back cover. Premier publisher titles spotlighted by Diamond's Gems include Bounty by Kurtis Wiebe and […]

Cover Variance – C-3PO Black-And-White Arm And Millarworld Specials

The C-3PO comic book from Marvel intended to reveal the true story behind the droid's new red arm, as seen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens – and that has been rather delayed as a result – is getting another boost to sales. Any retailers confident enough to order over a thousand copies will get […]

The Man Who Found Two Original Harley Quinn Cover Sketches…

This is one of the Harley Quinn original cover art sketches that have been placed inside DC Comics Harley Quinn's Little Black Book bagged variant covers. Due to federal lottery laws, DC Comics have not promoted them – or even admitted they exist. But people believe there are one or two per issue. Which makes […]