USA Today Forgets To Name Ike Perlmutter As Trump Club Member Given Government Role

Maybe it's the news organization's close relationship with Marvel Comics, which uses them to spoil its comics in clickbait news articles the day before they hit comic book shops. Who knows. But for some reason, USA Today has failed to name Marvel Chairman Ike Perlmutter, who serves as an advisor to President Donald Trump on matters of healthcare for the Department of Veterans' Affairs, as one of several members of his elite Mar-A-Lago resort club or various golf clubs appointed to government positions.

In an article today headlined "Trump nominates some club members to plum government jobs", USA Today names Robin Bernstein, the new ambassador to the Dominican Republic, Callista Gingrich, the new ambassador to the Vatican, Adolfo Marzol, an advisor in the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Barry Nigro, who works in the Department of Justice, and Andrew Giuliani, who works in a public relations role for the White House, as Trump cronies handed cushy jobs in the government who coincidentally have also paid dues to Trump-owned clubs.

Perlmutter, however, was nowhere to be found in USA Today's report, which states, "never in modern history has a president awarded government posts to people who pay money to his own companies," but hedges its bets by adding, "there's no indication that they joined to secure an administration job."

Donald Trump shakes hands with Marvel Chairman Ike Perlmutter
Donald Trump shakes hands with Marvel Chairman Ike Perlmutter at a bill signing.

Perlmutter and Trump aren't just close personal friends and fellow Mar-a-Lago members. Ike and his wife Laura Perlmutter were major campaign donors for Trump, contributing an additional five million dollars to a Trump super pac even after he was president. Call it… friends with benefits, where benefits are here described as financially supporting one's friend's rise to political power.

Laura Perlmutter served on Trump's inauguration committee, and Ike, as previously mentioned, has been an official advisor on the subject of veterans' healthcare and flown around with the president on Air Force One. Trump famously gave Ike the pen he used to sign a recent veterans' healthcare bill.

In a way, buying Marvel comics is essentially supporting Donald Trump, as some significant share of the profits Marvel makes ends up in major stockholder Perlmutter's pocket, and some of that eventually ends up in a donation check to Trump.

So if we were looking for conspiracies here — and we aren't, of course — we'd wonder why Perlmutter, the Chairman of Marvel, was left out of a report about corruption by one of Marvel's media partners. Thankfully, this isn't that kind of article. Besides, we're sure that USA Today would have no problem reporting on the connections between Ike Perlmutter and Donald Trump — as long as those connections were set to be revealed in a Marvel Comic hitting stores next week.

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