Valiant to Cut the Cord With New Roku Series by Bunn and Bachs

Valiant Entertainment has revealed the subject of a recent teaser: a new comic book series about the cord-cutting platform, Roku. The publisher announced the move in a press release Thursday, with the series set to hit stores in October from the creative team of Cullen Bunn and Ramón F. Bachs. It's unclear why Valiant would want to make a comic about a digital streaming device, but hey, we trust they know what they're doing.

"I wanted this story to show off a dark underbelly of the Valiant Universe, a corner of the world populated by powerful criminal organizations," said writer Bunn in the press release. "My hope is that these criminal outfits start plaguing other Valiant characters. Really, I'm just here to cause trouble."

While artist Bachs revealed he will give the device a design overhaul: "Roku has such a terrific hairstyle I can't wait to draw! Cullen's a great writer and a wonderful person. I am very lucky to be working with him again!" That's the only change for Roku, which will now be depicted as a former MI6 operative turned contract killer in addition to the world's number one streaming platform.

And editor Lysa Hawkins talked about Roku's dominance in the cord-cutting market: "The ultimate weapon, without compromise, without compassion and without a care. Roku answers to only one higher calling: herself. So what's there not to love about her?"

Roku will be a four-issue mini-series with colors by Stéphane Paitreau and letters by Dave Sharpe. It will feature covers by Viktor Kalvachev, Dave Johnson, Marc Laming, and Howard Chaykin. Look for Roku #1 in stores on October 30th.


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