Wanna Draw Cursed Earth/Mega-City One Folk? Head To 2000AD's "Muties & Perps" Life Drawing Session

Borag Thungg! The 2000AD 40th anniversary celebrations are upon us, with the big event coming up on the 11th, but they're also hosting a number of satellite happenings around the period. This one being a life drawing session in conjunction with Art Model Collective called Muties & Perps on the 05th of February (facebook event | tickets).

A female punk with a gun drawn by Rufus Dayglo stares off panel, alert.

Jason Atomic, an artist embroiled in subculture, will be hosting this session that will feature Manko and Carla from Art Model Collective (I'm going with AMC from here on out, sue me). Manko and Carla will both be made up like Cursed Earth and Mega-City One denizens, and this won't be the first time even in the surrounding weeks that AMC will be tackling Brit Sci-Fi, because they're also hosting a Tank Girl session (sold out) on the 20th of January.

Manko, Carla, and Magdalene pose for The May Queens event
L-R Manko, Carla, and Magdalene pose for AMC's The May Queens event

They've stated categorically that this is open "to amateur and professional artists alike," so I'd say if you even have a passing interest in the magazine this'll be a great chance to get involved with it. They're starting at 14:00, running for 3 hours, and Manko and Carla will probably pose between 10-30 minutes a piece. There's a full bar and they've also said that "Drawing boards and some basic materials will be provided but it is recommended artists bring their favourite tools."

Get along to eventbrite now to get tickets, as zarjaz opportunities like this don't tend to come that often. Full details below the gallery.


Just to wet your whistle, here's some images from one of AMC's sessions at Orbital comics from July last year:


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