Warren Ellis & Bryan Hitch's Authority Sells Out Thanks To James Gunn

So there's going to be an Authority movie. And it looks like DC Comics' publishing schedules have only just found out.

Penguin Random House, Walmart, Target, Books-A-Million, Powell's, Hudson Booksellers and Amazon have all sold out of The Authority Book One by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch; Amazon doesn't even have any copies through third-party sellers on Amazon Marketplace. They have all gone – for now. Sources tell me that DC Comics is rushing out a further printing. This is all because James Gunn announced The Authority as a movie, showed imagery from the Ellis/Hitch run, and took everyone by surprise (including Ellis/Hitch). There are plenty of copies of Book Two by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely. But those aren't the ones people want.

It may also be a wise step for DC Comics to consider also repackaging the earlier Stormwatch comics by Warren Ellis, Tom Raney and Bryan Hitch that would lead into The Authority, as a kind of Authority Book Zero. Just for the branding, you understand.

Copies of the collection have been sold on eBay for around $33. But the cheapest copy currently available on eBay are asking between $100 and $300. Remember, a reprint is coming soon. But if you can't wait, there are still copies available at Forbidden Planet. And a couple at Barnes And Noble

Warren Ellis & Bryan Hitch's Authority Sells Out Thanks To James Gunn
Warren Ellis & Bryan Hitch's Authority

Penguin Random House has put together a list of DC Comics titles that comic book shops might want to purchase in light of all the James Gunn and Peter Safran announcements. It just doesn't have The Authority Book One on it. Yet. For other impacts on the comic book market, keep an eye on this Bleeding Cool tag.

UPDATE: Welcome to Bleeding Cool, sir. I hope you survive the experience.

SHAZAM: FURY OF THE GODS – In Theatres March 17th, 2023
ISBN Title  On Sale Date
9781779517265 The New Champion of Shazam! 05/09/23
9781779521743 The Power of Shazam! Book 2: The Worm Turns 5/30/2023
9781779521552 Shazam!: The Monster Society of Evil 05/02/23
9781779521453 Shazam! and the Seven Magic Lands (New Edition) 5/23/2023
9781779505026 Shazam! Thundercrack 2/28/2023
9781779515148 Shazam!: To Hell and Back 04/05/22
9781779509468 Shazam!: The World's Mightiest Mortal Vol. 3 5/18/2021
9781401246990 Shazam! Vol. 1 (The New 52) 06/03/14
9781779509093 Superman vs. Shazam 3/16/2021
 THE FLASH – In Theatres June 16th, 2023. Will reset the DC universe in film and television.
ISBN Title  On Sale Date
9781401276447 Batman/The Flash: The Button Deluxe Edition 10/17/2017
9781563897504 Crisis On Infinite Earths 01/01/01
9781401245177 Final Crisis (New Edition) 4/22/2014
9781779509482 Flash/Impulse: Runs in the Family 5/25/2021
9781401233389 Flashpoint 3/13/2012
9781779517371 Flashpoint Beyond 12/13/2022
9781401258733 The Flash By Geoff Johns Book One 12/01/15
9781401267841 The Flash Vol. 1: Lightning Strikes Twice (Rebirth) 1/24/2017
9781401235543 The Flash Vol. 1: Move Forward (The New 52) 8/20/2013
9781401231958 The Flash Vol. 1: The Dastardly Death of the Rogues 1/17/2012
9781401298135 The Flash: 80 Years of the Fastest Man Alive 11/12/19
9781401230012 The Flash: Rebirth 05/03/11
9781779523471 The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive Box Set 6/20/2023
 BLUE BEETLE – In Theatres August 18th, 2023
ISBN Title On Sale Date
9781779516787 Blue & Gold 9/27/2022
9781779523242 Blue Beetle: Graduation Day 08/01/23
9781779515063 Blue Beetle: Jaime Reyes Book One 9/20/2022
9781779520272 Blue Beetle: Jaime Reyes Book Two 03/07/23
 AQUAMAN AND THE LOST KINGDOM – In Theatres December 25th, 2023
ISBN Title  On Sale Date
9781779517050 Aquaman & The Flash: Voidsong 2/28/2023
9781401285463 Aquaman by Geoff Johns Omnibus 12/18/2018
9781401267827 Aquaman Vol. 1: The Drowning (Rebirth) 1/17/2017
9781779502506 Aquaman Vol. 2: Amnesty 08/04/20
9781779516893 Aquaman/Green Arrow – Deep Target 10/18/2022
9781779510198 Aquaman: 80 Years of the King of the Seven Seas The Deluxe Edition 2/14/2023
9781779517333 Aquaman: Andromeda 11/21/2023
9781779511249 Aquaman: Deep Dives 06/08/21
9781779516459 Aquaman: The Becoming 6/14/2022
 WALLER – Release TBD on MAX. Viola Davis will reprise her role from other projects in this solo series.
ISBN Title On Sale Date
9781779512758 Suicide Squad Vol. 1: Give Peace a Chance 11/23/2021
9781779515315 Suicide Squad Vol. 2: Ambushed! 7/26/2022
9781779515124 Suicide Squad: Bad Blood 04/05/22
9781779514264 Suicide Squad: Blaze 01/10/23
9781779510693 Suicide Squad: Casualties of War 6/29/2021
9781779514257 Suicide Squad: Get Joker! 07/05/22
9781779516718 Suicide Squad: King Shark 9/13/2022
9781779510730 Suicide Squad: Their Greatest Shots 7/13/2021
9781779514448 Suicide Squad: Trial By Fire (New Edition) 7/27/2021
9781779510754 The Suicide Squad Case Files 1 7/20/2021
9781779511560 The Suicide Squad Case Files 2 7/27/2021
 SUPERMAN: LEGACY – July 11th, 2025. Focusing on the early years of Clark Kent as Superman. This will be written (and potentially directed) by James Gunn himself.
ISBN Title On Sale Date
9781779522887 Absolute Superman For All Seasons 8/29/2023
9781779513441 All Star Superman: The Deluxe Edition 1/25/2022
9781401290832 All-Star Superman 12/04/18
9781779512659 Superman '78 7/19/2022
9781779513977 Superman by Grant Morrison Omnibus 5/25/2021
9781779517470 Superman Red & Blue 12/27/2022
9781779517432 Superman: Birthright The Deluxe Edition 12/20/2022
9781401224691 Superman: Earth One 05/07/13
9781779504913 Superman: The Man of Steel Vol. 1 8/25/2020
9781779505910 Superman: The Man of Steel Vol. 2 1/26/2021
9781779509666 Superman: The Man of Steel Vol. 3 06/01/21
9781779513212 Superman: The Man of Steel Vol. 4 03/01/22
 LANTERNS – Release TBD on MAX. Described as "True Detective" with space cops on precinct Earth! This will focus on Hal Jordan and John Stewart.
ISBN Title On Sale Date
9781401251345 Green Lantern by Geoff Johns Omnibus Vol. 1 02/03/15
9781401255268 Green Lantern by Geoff Johns Omnibus Vol. 2 08/04/15
9781401258207 Green Lantern by Geoff Johns Omnibus Vol. 3 4/19/2016
9781779522917 Green Lantern Corp Omnibus by Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason 08/01/23
9781779513373 Green Lantern Vol. 1: Invictus 12/21/2021
9781779515544 Green Lantern Vol. 2: Horatius 07/05/22
9781779503800 Green Lantern: Alliance 10/18/2022
9781401241865 Green Lantern: Earth One Vol. 1 3/20/2018
9781779511256 Green Lantern: John Stewart – A Celebration of 50 Years 6/22/2021
9781401283551 Green Lantern: Legacy 1/21/2020
9781779505538 The Green Lantern Season Two Vol. 1 12/01/20
9781779513311 The Green Lantern Season Two Vol. 1 11/30/2021
9781779510181 The Green Lantern Season Two Vol. 2: Ultrawar 7/13/2021
9781779515650 The Green Lantern Season Two Vol. 2: Ultrawar 7/19/2022
 THE AUTHORITY – Release In Theatres TBD. James Gunn is outlining this massive tentpole film.
ISBN Title On Sale Date
9781779515391 Midnighter: The Complete Collection 6/14/2022
9781779513618 Superman and the Authority 11/30/2021
9781779517340 Superman and the Authority 11/22/2022
9781779507884 The Authority Book Two 5/25/2021
 PARADISE LOST – Release on TV TBD. The political intrigue of "Game Of Thrones" in Westeros set in the early days of the Amazons and their rise to power.
ISBN Title  On Sale Date
9781779507693 Diana and Nubia: Princesses of the Amazons 11/08/22
9781779516671 Nubia & The Amazons 09/06/22
9781401296407 Nubia: Real One 2/23/2021
9781779512666 Sensational Wonder Woman 10/05/21
9781779516589 Wonder Woman Black & Gold 8/16/2022
9781779523167 Wonder Woman Blood and Guts: The Deluxe Edition 10/10/23
9781779517258 Wonder Woman by George Perez Omnibus (2022 Edition) 10/18/2022
9781401263751 Wonder Woman By George Perez Vol. 1 8/23/2016
9781779521354 Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons 06/06/23
9781779512796 Wonder Woman Vol. 1: Afterworlds 12/14/2021
9781401267780 Wonder Woman Vol. 1: The Lies (Rebirth) 2/28/2017
9781779516916 Wonder Woman: Earth One Complete Collection 11/15/2022
9781779521675 Wonder Woman: Who Is Wonder Woman The Deluxe Edition 4/18/2023
 BRAVE AND THE BOLD – Release TBD. Grant Morrison's run has been cited as the inspiration and will focus on Bruce Wayne's Batman with Damian as his Robin.
ISBN Title On Sale Date
9781779517043 Batman & Robin By Tomasi and Gleason Omnibus (2023 Edition) 1/17/2023
9781401282998 Batman by Grant Morrison Omnibus Vol. 1 07/10/18
9781401288839 Batman by Grant Morrison Omnibus Vol. 2 6/25/2019
9781779502711 Batman by Grant Morrison Omnibus Vol. 3 8/25/2020
9781779505514 Batman by Paul Dini Omnibus 9/22/2020
9781779518590 Batman Vs. Robin 07/04/23
9781779517920 Batman vs. Robin: Road to War 08/09/22
9781779516596 Robin & Batman 8/16/2022
9781779514332 Robin Vol. 1: The Lazarus Tournament 04/05/22
9781779516732 Robin Vol. 2: I Am Robin 9/27/2022
9781779519955 Robin Vol. 3: Secrets and Shadows 3/21/2023
9781779516688 Robins: Being Robin 09/06/22
9781779512246 Teen Titans: Robin 03/07/23
 SUPERGIRL: WOMAN OF TOMORROW – In Theatres TBD. Based on Tom King and Bilquis Evely's stunning series from last year!
ISBN Title  On Sale Date
9781779510259 Supergirl Adventures: Girl of Steel 08/03/21
9781779515681 Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow 7/26/2022
 SWAMP THING – In Theatres TBD. Described as tackling the "dark origins" of the character and a true horror tale.
ISBN Title  On Sale Date
9781401230968 Saga of the Swamp Thing Book Five 12/10/13
9781401240462 Saga of the Swamp Thing Book Four 7/16/2013
9781401220839 Saga of the Swamp Thing Book One 04/10/12
9781401246921 Saga of the Swamp Thing Book Six 5/13/2014
9781401227678 Saga of the Swamp Thing Book Three 01/08/13
9781401225445 Saga of the Swamp Thing Book Two 10/02/12
9781779517234 Swamp Thing: Green Hell 08/01/23
9781779511331 Swamp Thing: New Roots 8/31/2021
9781779507167 Swamp Thing: The Bronze Age Vol. 3 2/23/2021
9781779512765 The Swamp Thing Volume 1: Becoming 12/07/21
9781779517166 The Swamp Thing Volume 2: Conduit 8/16/2022
9781779520258 The Swamp Thing Volume 3: The Parliament of Gears 02/07/23

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