"We Don't Believe Our Continuity Is Broken" – Marvel's Axel Alonso


Marvel EIC Axel Alonso talked to The Verge. Who asked,

There's been a lot of talk about how this may or may not be a reboot. My understanding is this is effectively changing the fabric of that multiverse but not necessarily the characters. Is that right?

And Axel answered,

Yeah, I'd say that's what this is. It's ultimately for the readers to decide what they're seeing. What I will say is that we don't believe our continuity or our universe is broken. We don't believe it needs to be fixed. And I think that this story will bear that out. We have a tremendous opportunity here to transform the Marvel universe in a way that makes for incredible stories down the road, for the next 10, 20 years worth of publishing. This is an instance where we're going to be bringing into the Marvel universe new characters, new regions, new concepts, and, in certain cases replacing, out of necessity, some pieces that were on the board. And it's going to make this a lively debate on the internet and beyond.

Well that's for definite.
I want to make it very clear, nothing in that series or during the event, is inconsequential. Nothing there is a "What If?" story, or an alternate reality story. There is only one reality, and it is Battleworld. That is the only reality. And out of that, everything that was part of it, every single book needs to bring something onto the table that will last and exist and inform the Marvel universe moving forward. That could be a character or characters, good guy or bad guy. It could be a new region. It could be a new artifact of great power or what have you. It could be almost anything. But every single series that we're doing is a piece of the Marvel universe going forward.

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