"What SPECIFIC Crime Can This SPECIFIC Man Be Charged With In This SPECIFIC Context?" – Dave Sim Kickstarts Cerebus Melmoth


There's a few hours left on the clock. But the Kickstarter for Dave Sim's Cerebus Archive reproduction of original Cerebus art pages, this time from the book Melmoth, continues.

But not the Oscar Wilde story, these pages focus on the Jim Valentino normalman parody, normalroach, coming up against the Cirinists who are, well, actually this is probably the only time in life the word "feminazis" actually applies. It's around this point that the comic becomes a meninist dream.

The archive is accompanied with a 10,000 word essay by Sim talking through his thinking at the time. And as we discover, it doesn't seem to have changed much in the intervening years.

As in our society, the presupposition is "He's a man. Because he's a man, he's automatically guilty of any number of crimes. But what SPECIFIC crime can this SPECIFIC man be charged with in this SPECIFIC context/moment?"


the extremity of the imposition of the fascistic impulse — as inevitable as "trigger warnings", "safe spaces" and "micro-aggression" in our Feminist Theocratic world — there is no such thing as "small enough" or "unobtrusive enough"

Dave Sim remains Dave Sim. And Cerebus remains Cerebus.



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