Whatever Happened To Aron Weisenfeld?

Remember Aron Weisenfeld? He had quite the journey from being a Lee/Silvestri/Thibert clone on an X-Men Annual


To smoothing out for Team 7


To blowing everyone away with a new style in Deathblow/Wolverine




To something completely different for Batman: Gotham Knights.


Or Y The Last Man covers…

Y the Last Man cover Y the Last Man cover 2

So what next? Well not too much for the last decade. In comics anyway. He's working for a different audience now with exhibitions in California, Italy, New York and Norway… here are a few examples.

i often feel that most of aron's work pin points the pulse of the moment when the 'hero' is making that first wary step into the 'supernatural' wild unknown. his figures read as adolescents to me, which also speaks of another transformative, inescapable occurrence. the above recent paintings certainly have a slightly different feeling than the ones i focused on in 2011, but retain that narrative tension of choice and the power of choosing; the cross- roads and veils that motivate and inform us.

Tenant Train The Settlers  Delayed, version 2,920, levels2, BEST  Dropout Winter Cabin

12115318574_b55684c1e4_c 12115577686_6be50e4b7a_c 12115577896_a2ef0c8bee_c12115219213_57aa7da8ff_c

He escaped from comics. Doesn't he look well?


Thanks to I LOve Rob Liefeld Blog for the comics images and timeline…


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