When Catwoman Kisses Catwoman – DC's New Bisexual Lead Character?

Catwoman writer Genevieve Valentine tweeted yesterday,

We also held off a day.

Catwoman #39 (2015) - Page 18

In the comic, Selina Kyle has relinquished the role of Catwoman to become mob boss of Gotham, heading up the Calabrese family. In her place, Eiko Hasigawa, daughter of rival mob boss, has taken Selina's role in the suit, much to Selina's disdain.

But there may have been another reason for that emotion, From yesterday's Catwoman #39…

Catwoman #39 (2015) - Page 18aJust a rooftop kiss? Or something else?

Catwoman #39 (2015) - Page 18b

Catwoman has generally been portrayed as a heterosexual character, despite some speculation about a scene in The Dark Knight Rises. Indeed, the New 52 reboot of DC Comics launched her title with a sex scene between her and Batman, both (mostly) in their respective suits.


We have had a lesbian Catwoman before, when Selina's right hand woman Holly Robinson took over the role.

But from yesterday's Catwoman, we could well be seeing DC's first lead female bisexual character – maybe only bisexual lead, depending how DC Comics feel about Constantine there days…

Of they could just never mention it again.

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