Where Does The Hulk's Titan Come From? (Hulk #5 Spoilers)

Hulk #6 by Donny Cates and Ryan Ottley, out next month, teases a new kind of Hulk. Named Titan. And teased in previous issues.

Hulk #3 Booms On eBay, Selling For $16 A Copy

That's all you get in Hulk #3. Barely a passing whiff. Not even a word or a grunt, just an evil grin. But in April's Hulk #6, it is expected that this is the Hulk that will take over his body. And now Marvel has named this creature as Titan. Any relationship to Thanos or Eros? Or Nick Landau? I'm sure that is to come…

Marvel's New Black Hulk Is Called Titan

But where does this Titan come from?

Where Does Hulk's Titan Come From?

Well, the current iteration of the Hulk sees Bruce Banner in control, in his own mind palace, envisioning a Star Trek-style bridge where he is in control of the Hulk, creating rages by exposing it to stimula from his own life.

Where Does Hulk's Titan Come From?

Each level getting more and more threatening and generating a greater and greater violent response.

Where Does Hulk's Titan Come From?

Of course that would all be well and good if Bruce Banner's mind hadn't turned against him in the form of an envisioned Betty Ross.

Where Does Hulk's Titan Come From?

And with Betty Ross turning the Hulk up to eleven – what will emerge as a result?

Where Does Hulk's Titan Come From?

Is it Titan? And was Titan Betty Ross all along? And we also get spoilers for Hulk #9 to come as well.

Where Does Hulk's Titan Come From?

See Donny? It's not just Bleeding Cool, is it? We haven't even had solicits for Hulk #9 yet…

In Crossover #12 Donny Cates Talks Directly To Bleeding Cool
Crossover #12

(W) Donny Cates (A/CA) Ryan Ottley
"SMASHSTRONAUT" PART 5 OF 6! As President Thunderbolt Ross rains down gamma-irradiated hell, Bruce Banner's Starship Hulk experiment faces its toughest field test yet – this time, it might crack under the pressure. Bruce Banner thinks his control over the Hulk is now absolute… but what if he's wrong? RATED T+In Shops: Mar 30, 2022 SRP: $3.99

(W) Donny Cates (A/CA) Ryan Ottley
"SMASHTRONAUT" Part 6 of 6!
The first arc of Donny Cates and Ryan Ottley's mind-blowing Hulk saga reaches its epic climax as Bruce Banner's control over Starship Hulk slips…and something much worse takes the wheel…
Rated T+In Shops: Apr 20, 2022 SRP: $3.99

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