Who Is Batman's Darth Vader? (All-Star SPOILERS)

batmanThere is plenty to unpack and talk about in today's All-Star Batman #1. Least of all how much Scott Snyder has it in for Alfred. But the second story, featuring Duke Thomas and Batman with Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire has this aside that's reminiscent of Star Wars in a couple of ways.

Firstly, "someone else" is reminiscent of Yoda's "no, there is another" line, indicating Princess Leia as a child of the Force.

But secondly, the idea that Batman has trained someone who has become a villain – and we're not talking about Red Hood here – does seem to be a reference that's being dropped for future use. And placed Batman in the Ben Kenobi role regarding Anakin Skywalker.

Or possibly Luke Skywalker regarding Kylo Ren.

Or, frankly, the Deceptive Disciple trope. Baron Mordo, California Mountain Snake, Judas Iscariot, there's plenty to choose from.

So who is Batman's disciple turned villain? Have we already met them? Or is this a big bad yet to be revealed?

And is this the bigger story of All-Star Batman that Scott Snyder is hiding in plain sight?

Oh and Darth Vader is also out today, also looking at the Kenobi/Vader relationship…

Image (97)Ooh…


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