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Mad Cave
The original graphic novel Princess Gwenevere And The Jewel Riders Volume 1 by Jordie Bellaire, Koi Carreon, Sarah Davidson and Chas! Pangburn launches in Mad Cave Studios' May 2024 solicits and solicitations alongside launches for  Sanction #1 by Ray Fawkes and Antonio Fuso, Mugshots #1 by Jordan Thomas and Chris Matthews, the Attaboy graphic novel[...]
Kelly Thompson & Leonardo Romero Relaunch Birds Of Prey From DC
Kelly Thompson has officially tweeted out (and retweeted by DC reps) that she is to write a new ongoing Birds Of Prey series with Black Canary, to be drawn by Leonardo Romero and Jordie Bellaire on art This marks Kelly Thompson's decision to jump over from Marvel to DC (with a few short stories in[...]
Marvel Comics
The extra-length Fury #1 by Al Ewing, Scot Eaton, Cam Smith, Tom Reilly, Adam Kubert, Ramon Rosana and Jordie Bellaire published by Marvel Comics today is a rip-roaring run across the history of Nick Fury – both of them – at Marvel Comics, taking in the Jack Kirby, Jim Starlin and Joe Kubert along the[...]
GLAAD 2023 Comics Award Nominations Name More Than Just The Writer
Here are the 2023 nominations for outstanding comic book and outstanding graphic novel and they mention… everyone! Okay, almost everyone. GLAAD 2023 Comics Award Nominations Name More Than Just The Writer GLAAD 2023 Outstanding Comic Book I Hate This Place, by Kyle Starks, Artyom Topilin, Lee Loughridge, Pat Brosseau (Image Comics) Immortal X-Men, by Kieron Gillen, Lucas Werneck, Michele Bandini, David[...]
James Tynion IV & Fernando Blanco Announce New Comic, w0rldtr33
It has Fernando Blanco on Art, Jordie Bellaire on Colors, and Aditya Bidikar on letters."And what's itabout? "In 1999, Gabriel, Amanda, Liam, Yoshi, and Darren discovered what they dubbed the Undernet—a secret architecture beneath the internet They charted their exploration of the Undernet on a private message board called W0rldtr33 Then they lost control[...]
Matt Rosenberg & Joshua Williamson Launch Substack Pro Subscriptions
Substack is a newsletter subscription publishing programme initially focused on journalists but for the last year including a brace of comic book creators offering attractive deals to publish their comics first on Substack. Matthew Rosenberg will be kinda-relaunching his own publishing company but not really, under his Ashcan Press banner, and publishing a mix of his[...]
Days Of Dark Knight/Arkham Asylum/Miracleman in Suicide Squad: Blaze
Watchmen, by the way, did not do that, it was a far slower book with a cleaner, more classic look, courtesy of Dave Gibbons, with a structure more about examining events that had already happened, running flashbacks more than running forward. Suicide Squad: Blaze, by Simon Spurrier, Aaron Campbell, Jordie Bellaire and Aditya Bidikar is probably[...]
Tini Howard, Nico Leon & Jordia Bellaire on Catwoman #39 From January
And in January, she will be writing the ongoing Catwoman #39 title, replacing Ram V and being joined by Nico Leon as artist and Jordie Bellaire as colourist, and covers by Jeff Dekal that, as Tini puts it "drip fashion and sex" And edited by Jess Chen and Jessica Berbey She adds; So much of our development[...]
Jordie Bellaire Comes To Marvel Comics For Darkhold
But in order to survive there, each hero must first read from the Darkhold and let themselves be driven insane, leading to twisted new versions of themselves! These mind-melting adventures will unfold over a series of exciting character-focused one-shots including November's Darkhold : Wasp and Darkhold: Black Bolt. And that includes Catwoman's Jordie Bellaire making her[...]
The Batman Screeplay Writer Mattson Tomlin Gets His Own Batman Comic
He has also been was hired to write the screenplay for an anime series based on the Terminator franchise for Netflix. Amongst all that, he's also writing a Batman comic, to be drawn by Gideon Falls' Andrea Sorrentino and coloured by Jordie Bellaire Batman: The Imposter is a three-issue Prestige format series from DC to be[...]
The Witcher: Witch’s Lament Gets Limited Edition Print and Comic
del Rey, colorist Jordie Bellaire, and letterer Aditya Bidikar Once again, Geralt has to play detective because he just can't let things go Despite the so-called "Witcher's code of neutrality," which is largely made up so that Geralt can avoid getting into sticky political situations with the dodgy people who hire him, Geralt just can't[...]
Kelly Thompson Talks "Bold New Vision" for Upcoming Black Widow Run
Thompson and Casagrande are joined by Jordie Bellaire, Eisner-winning colorist, to round out this all-star team. Now, Thompson spoke to about this "life-changing" storyline for Natasha Romanoff ahead of the series September debut. Black Widow #3 cover will continue Kelly Thompson and Elena Casagrande's run Credit: Marvel Comics Kelly Thompson said: "It's a bold new vision for Black[...]
Legion Of Super-Heroes #6 Review -- Here Comes Adventure
When you add to that the enticing cover which promises a new ring wielder in the future that's undoubtedly not a green recruit, a new multi-armed Doctor Fate and the accurately named Monster Boy, you'd expect Legion of Super-Heroes #6 to be all kinds of amazing. The cover of Legion Of Super-Heroes #6 published by DC[...]
Death of the Inhumans #3 cover by Kaare Andrews
The second guest-star…well, I certainly wasn't expecting him and definitely not in this fashion. Death of the Inhumans #3 art by Ariel Olivetti and Jordie Bellaire Ariel Olivetti continues to bring his talent to the page, detailing this issue with an almost cold and precise style It adds to the somber atmosphere well, and the stark color[...]
Batgirl Annual #2 cover by Emanuela Lupacchino and Dave Stewart
The dialogue holds steady for much of the book, though it stretches to make a metaphor about stars and darkness that becomes exceedingly forced by the end of the comic. Beyond that, it's a good story that brings Barbara back to the family history she'd rather forget. Batgirl Annual #2 art by Elena Casagrande and Jordie Bellaire Elena[...]
Days of Hate #7 cover by Danijel Zezelj
Even without clear context, the scene is still harrowing, but it's not quite the personal tragedy for one of the characters which the book seems to be conveying due to the lack of clarity. Also, something as simple as using characters' names more would help. Days of Hate #7 art by Danijel Zezelj and Jordie Bellaire Danijel Zezelj's[...]
The Dead Hand #5 cover by Stephen Mooney and Jordie Bellaire
However, the council informs Carter that Ellis and Vil are on their way to Mountainview. The Dead Hand #5 cover by Stephen Mooney and Jordie Bellaire The Dead Hand #5 gives a more in-depth look at Roger, his creation, and what he was intended to do It serves as a solid allegory for the last few years[...]
Death of the Inhumans #2 cover by Kaare Andrews
The ending undercuts it a little, but it doesn't completely cover the fact that this issue has Black Bolt reciting the names of dead Inhumans as a weapon against his enemies. Death of the Inhumans #2 art by Ariel Olivetti and Jordie Bellaire Ariel Olivetti renders this comic once again, and I still find myself shocked that[...]
The Dead Hand #4 cover by Stephen Mooney and Jordie Bellaire
Meanwhile, Ellis links up with an old Soviet agent named Vil, and the two make their way towards Mountainview. The Dead Hand #4 cover by Stephen Mooney and Jordie Bellaire Dead Hand #4 further complicates the tenuous peace of Mountainview with the approach of Ellis and Vil as well as Harriet's rebellious youth landing her in the[...]
Infinity Countdown #5 cover by Nick Bradshaw and Morry Hollowell
However, it had me invested, if only for a little bit. Infinity Countdown #5 art by Mike Hawthorne, Jose Marzan Jr., and Jordie Bellaire Mike Hawthorne and Aaron Kuder both do a decent job in this issue Kuder's work really disappointed me last issue, and that is mostly made up for in this installment His panels tend[...]
Death of the Inhumans #1 cover by Kaare Andrews
They deserve better than to be struck down with this reckless abandon. Death of the Inhumans #1 art by Ariel Olivetti and Jordie Bellaire Ariel Olivetti provides the art to this comic, and his work is almost unrecognizable here That's not to say that it's bad, but it lacks that textured 3-D feeling of his usual fare[...]
Ninja-K #8 cover by Tonci Zonjic
Why awkwardly villainize an entire nation when you have plenty of decent supervillains lying around? Ninja-K #8 art by Juan Jose Ryp and Jordie Bellaire Juan Jose Ryp triumphs in this setup, playing with the powers and fighting styles of the characters in sequences of beautifully controlled chaos The fight scenes are punchy and intricate, the characters[...]
Days of Hate #6 cover by Danijel Zezelj
That said, I was into it before long. Pontifications on the nature of the medium and comic love ballads aside, this issue, despite its increased wordiness, managed to stay compelling from beginning to end. Days of Hate #6 art by Danijel Zezelj and Jordie Bellaire Danijel Zezelj continues to impress with his shadow-heavy and obscured style[...]
Captain America #704 cover by Michael Cho
Then the book decides that's a psyche and presents Jack's actions as just the right thing to do to honor the legacy of Captain America. Speaking of Captain America's legacy, I wouldn't say that Steve's greatest lesson was "always being vigilant for threats to liberty." The book ends its story with that implication, and that's a[...]
Bloodshot Salvation #10 cover by Kenneth Rocafort
It wants you hyped for the big blow out, and it does a decent job of doing so. Bloodshot Salvation #10 art by Doug Braithwaite and Jordie Bellaire The artist on this issue is Doug Braithwaite, and his work is impeccable The detailing is thorough and appealing, the fight scenes have punch to them, and Bloodshot's figure[...]
The Dead Hand #3 cover by Stephen Mooney and Jordie Bellaire
Carter and Renae have united the council to decide what to do after Frederick's incursion into Mountainview. The Dead Hand #3 cover by Stephen Mooney and Jordie Bellaire Dead Hand #3 continues to deepen the conspiracy of Mountainview while explaining some of the fundamentals of how this town works. That last bit is nice, as everything about Mountainview[...]
Titans Special #1 cover by Brandon Peterson
I will say each artist and color artist contributed great work to the book, with Nicola Scott, Ben Oliver, Jordie Bellaire, and Romulo Fajardo Jr especially standing out. Titans Special #1 is an excellent jumping-on point for anyone who have not checked out the title, and it satisfies fans who have been following the team since[...]
Marvel Two-in-One Annual #1 cover by Chip Zdarsky
Given the circumstances, I'm okay with that. Marvel Two-in-One Annual #1 art by Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire Marvel Two-in-One Annual #1's art is handled by the great Declan Shalvey, and he puts excellent work into this one His style is detailed and clear, but it aims more for an effected classic comic aesthetic than aiming for[...]