Who Is The Daughter Of Darkseid? And Who Is Her Mother? FCBD Spoilers

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The embargoes are off, the spoilers are out, the Free Comic Book Day news is circling the globe.

But while we got an early start on the Batman and Superman aspects of the DC Comics Divergence issue, available at all participating comic stores on May 2nd for free, I was rather surprised that the Justice League news didn't break out further than it did.

Spoilers, obviously.

Because the story in question addresses the identity of the daughter of Darkseid, the figure he has been ransacking universe after universe through the history of the DC New 52 titles since Justice League #1, to find. A plotline written by Geoff Johns that has been been riven through Justice League, Earth 2, Forever Evil and more.

Well, on Free Comic Book Day, you not only discover who the daughter is. But also who her mother is. And it's a rather familiar place on a rather familiar day.

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This is Life Of Brian territory. Just as, elsewhere on Paradise Island, Hippolyta is giving birth to Diana, who will one day be known as Wonder Woman, fellow Amazonian warrior Myrina is doing the same to her progeny…

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And yes, she does have a little of the dark side about her, doesn't she? Yes, she has a name. And yes, she has a future. Welcome, to the daughter of Darkseid and Myrina. And her name?

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Sorry, I thought we were doing Life Of Brian here. Turns out it's the Holy Grail.

Can I be the first to call her Grail Simone?

Divergence #1 will be available on May 2nd, Free Comic Book Day, at all participating comic book stores.

Follow other FCBD coverage here later today. Be warned… spoilers kill.

And find more about Free Comic Book Day here.

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