The Inhuman Crystal Returns… For Just One Panel

This is a preview for next week's Inhuman Special, continuing the Inhuman storyline from the regular series. Well, one prominent Inhuman character has been missing for a while, Crystal. Last we'd seen she was wed to Ronan The Accuser on the Kree Homeworld… is this a call for her to return? The preview shows that […]

Valiant Reveals Harbinger, Eternal Warrior, Archer & Armstrong and More? – FCBD Spoilers

Each year, Valiant seems to make a big show out stuffing surprises into their Free Comic Book Day releases. Well, 2015 is no different and, fresh off the news of their Bloodshot/Harbinger/Harbinger Wars five picture plan at Sony, the publisher is releasing the Valiant 25th Anniversary Special into stores tomorrow… …and, surprise surprise, it's packed […]

The Forbidden Planet FCBD Doctor Who Signing Is In The FCBD Doctor Who Comic

Plenty of folk have managed to get their comic store onto the front of a Doctor Who comic thanks to IDW and Titan's retailer cover variant schemes. But Forbidden Planet in London has managed to get their store onto the inside. In a manner of speaking. This weekend, Forbidden Planet London is hosting two signings, […]

A Big Change For The Savage Dragon – FCBD Spoilers

We covered the controversy over the choice for Savage Dragon to be the Image Comics Free Comic Book Day title of choice. But now we have a chance to read it. There's a big of an exposition mountain to get over – Savage Dragon has published over 200 issues with stacks of trade paperbacks for […]

2000AD Rips Stories Straight From The Headlines – FCBD Spoilers

Around the world in dense expensive cities, new residential buildings are sometimes only allowed if the constructors include what's called "affordable housing units" that can be sold to people without millions on the bank for a deposit. In July last year, this got a new twist as the media noticed something about one such construction in New […]

A Much Loved Marvel Character Back From The Dead After Secret Wars – FCBD Spoilers

There's a corner of a panel in the All-New All-Different Avengers Free Comic Book Day title that should give cheer to certain Marvel fans. Spoilers, obviously. Because in recent issues of All-New Captain America, Marvel suffered the death of a major character. Redwing, the telepathically bonded pet of the Falcon, met his untimely end. But, […]

What Happens When The 616 Fights The Ultimate? FCBD Spoilers

On May 2nd, Free Comic Book Day, Marvel Comics publishes the launch of its big summer event, Secret Wars. Summing up the universe-destroying incursions from Avengers and New Avengers in Time Runs Out leading up to Secret Wars, we discover the Valerie Richards' plans to deal with the inevitable doom. To run away. She has […]

What Has DC Comics Done To Lois Lane? FCBD Spoilers

Not that long ago, Lois Lane was a world-leading journalist, happily married to Clark Kent, and she knew his secret identity was Superman. A story that she didn't run. It was quite the dichotomy. No Edward Snowden, she. The the New 52 reboot happened, and suddenly she was no longer married to Clark Kent. Not […]

What *Actually* Happens To Donatello? FCBD Spoilers

So, Donatello died in the most recent issue of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But almost instantly Bleeding Cool threw doubt on the status of the Hero In A Half Coffin. As this image leaked online. Turns out it did indeed come directly from the TMNT Free Comic Book Day issue from IDW. And this confirms it. […]

How Superman Will Be Seen By The World Now – FCBD Spoilers

Well, we thought this might be coming. And it has. The Free Comic Book Day title from DC COmics, Divergence, gives three ways that the big DC comics will be changing. We see the new Batman – and an idea of what may have happened to the old one. We see Darkseid's daughter and how […]

A New Status For Johnny Storm In The New Marvel Universe – FCBD Spoilers

  The Free Comic Book Day embargoes are up. Be careful out there. Spoilers are breaking into the wild. Get off now if you wish. The All-New All-Different Avengers issue from Marvel, available on May 2nd, gives you a look at the Marvel Universe to come, post Secret Wars. We see a team with The […]

What Happens To Batman And The Joker After Endgame? FCBD Spoilers

So there were plenty of spoilers leaked regarding the new Batman in the upcoming Free Comic Book Day title from DC Comics, Divergence. Bleeding Cool ran the ones that had leaked online, and we had previously accidentally spoiled a Superman FCBD twist as well. But the Justice League revelation was new to us. And while […]

Marvel Begins The Qeng Dynasty After Secret Wars – FCBD Spoilers

We saw a hint of this in the Ultron Forever series, a slightly-in-the-future Thor talking about something called the Qeng Dynasty. Remember? Well, it looks like it;s something we'll all be more acquainted with after Secret Wars comes to an end, from the All-New All-Different Avengers #1, free on Free Comic Book Day, May 2nd. […]

Who Is The Daughter Of Darkseid? And Who Is Her Mother? FCBD Spoilers

  The embargoes are off, the spoilers are out, the Free Comic Book Day news is circling the globe. But while we got an early start on the Batman and Superman aspects of the DC Comics Divergence issue, available at all participating comic stores on May 2nd for free, I was rather surprised that the […]