Wonder Woman – Faster Than A Speeding Bullet, In Today's Comics As Well


It was a scene in the Wonder Woman movie trailer that appealed so much, Deflecting a bullet in classic style.

screenshot-623It's the kind of action that has sometimes been seen as cheesy, but was taken on with full gusto, and was a moment that was picked up repeatedly in media headlines in reaction to the trailer.




In recent issues of the DC Rebirth comic, retelling the origin story of Wonder Woman by Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott, we've seen Diana as the Amazon who was able to step up and deflect bullets with her bracelets.

And today's Wonder Woman #10 takes that and runs with it. As shooters start attacking a shopping mall.

And someone not only deflects bullets. But moves faster than them.
wonder-woman-2016-010-012No Speed Force or Kryptonian solar power generating skills necessary.

wonder-woman-2016-010-013If that's the scene from the trailer you most liked, this is the comic book you must get….

Wonder Woman #10 is published today.

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