WWE Raw – Keith Lee's Debut Ruined by Stupid Entrance Music Change

We're an hour into WWE Monday Night Raw, but it feels like it's been four hours. There's a slight possibility I'm a little burned out after recapping three wrestling shows this weekend. And oh god, there's another PPV next weekend!

The official logo for WWE Monday Night Raw. Credit: WWE.
The official logo for WWE Monday Night Raw. Credit: WWE.

WWE Raw Report for August 24th, 2020 Part 2

Tom Phillips feels we may have already forgotten what we just watched less than an hour ago when Randy Orton attacked Drew McIntyre at the start of the show, so he reminds us with a video replaying pretty much the whole thing. So for the record, one hour is how long WWE thinks their audience's attention span is. Orton comes out.

Raw Promo – Randy Orton

Orton is disappointed that he lost last night. He said all this stuff, but he didn't pull through. Orton says you can call him a lot of things, but one thing he'll always be is a man of his word. He recounts all the legends he's killed recently and calls himself the Legend Killer. Orton stayed when McIntyre presented the opportunity to get punted in the head, Orton took it. Twice. And he enjoyed it. He did it because McIntyre stood in the ring and offered a rematch to Orton out of pity. Orton wants to remind Drew who he is. He's Randy Otyon. He's the Legend Killer. He's the greatest wrestling…

Keith Lee's music plays. Uh… Well, his music started to play. Then he got a brand new song. I think the crowd is booing the change in Lee's theme music. Seriously, WTF? Lee's music was great! Now he has some generic metal theme. I am not happy.

Anyway. Lee comes out, and he has a microphone. He says Orton seems a little perplexed. He and Orton haven't been properly introduced. Lee introduces himself. He's Keith Lee, and he's come here to offer Randy a spectacular opportunity: to Bask in Lee's glory. Orton cracks a smile. Lee says Orton has been called many things: The Viper, Apex Predator, and Legend Killer. Lee has been called Game Changer, Anomaly, and Limitless. Since Lee is here and Randy seems to be looking for a fight, Lee challenges Orton to a match right now.

Orton gets riled up and takes off his vest. Then he says maybe later and rolls out of the ring.

This was the worst debut since the Shockmaster. Keith Lee's music was perfect as it was! Bleh.

Backstage, Charly Caruso talks to Zelina Vega, Angel Garza, and Demi Burnett. Charly wants to know of Zelina will admit she poisoned Montez Ford. Zelina still denies it. Angel tries to smooth-talk Charly, but Zelina tells him to shut up. She has a match to get ready for and leaves. Angel invites both Demi Burnett and Charly Caruso to come to the ring with him. Burnett is down, but Charly isn't down with the threesome. Raw goes to commercials.

Angel Garza comes out with Demi Burnett and Andrade. The Street Profits come out. Apparently, that solo cups raining from the top of the Thunderdome is a permanent part of their entrance now. In a prerecorded promo, Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford talk trash about Angel Garza. Angelo Dawkins threatens to rip off his pants, but Ford stops him. They want the smoke. You know the deal.

Angel Garza vs. Montez Ford

  • Why is this feud still happening? I'm done with the feud. Garza and Andrade are never gonna win a big match.
  • Oh well. Garza controls the match after an opening exchange where Ford got some offense.
  • Ford fights back but misses a kick and falls on the ground. Has he been poisoned again?
  • Ivar comes out to hit on Demi Burnett. He brings her a turkey leg.
  • Ivar asks if she wants to get out of there, and she does. She leaves with Ford. Garza is pissed.
  • Ford is back up. He kicks Andrade and climbs to the top rope.
  • Garza kicks him and climbs up for a superplex, but Ford strikes back and knocks him down.
  • Ford hits the frogsplash and wins.

Are these guys gonna fight again at Payback? If Andrade and Garza don't win, they might as well just leave TV for a few months and start over from scratch. This match was way overbooked.

Backstage, Nia Jax tells Shayna Baszler she wasn't thrilled about teaming up with her at first, but when she thought about it, she realized they could actually win the tag team titles. Shayna says she'll help Nia with that if Nia gets off her back and leaves her alone. Got it? (she pokes her) Nia says Shayna needs to follow her lead and shoves her. Shayna slaps Nia. I think this is their love language. Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan are chatting when Bianca Belair joins them. It looks like they're fighting in a six-woman tag match after some commercials.

After the break, we learn Baszler and Jax vs. Sasha Banks, and Bayley is official for PAyback. Tom Phillips mentions again that Roman Reigns, The Fiend, and Braun Strowman will sign a contract on Smackdown for a no holds barred triple threat for the Universal Championship. Then Zelina Vega comes to the ring, joining The Iiconics, who are already there. The Riott Squad and Bianca Belair come to the ring.

Zelina Vega and the Iiconics vs. Bianca Belair and the Riott Squad

  • Billie Kay and Liv Morgan start off the match.
  • After some tags and jockeying for control, Ruby Riott is chosen to be the person who sells in this match, so the heels take control and start working her over.
  • Bianca Belair gets the tag and kicks Zelina Vega's ass.
  • She hits a moonsault, but the Iiconics break up the pin. The Riott Squad takes them out of the ring.
  • Zelina tries a rollup but Belair kicks out.
  • Belair hits the KOD and gets the pin.

Short match, designed mainly to put over Belair — it was fine for what it was.

Cedric Alexander and Ricochet are arm wrestling at the arm wrestling table backstage when Mark Henry walks up. He says he needs to take the table unless they want to arm wrestle him. They don't. MVP comes up tries to sow more division between Ricochet and Cedric with the goal of getting Cedric to join Hurt Business. Raw goes to commercials.

In the Progressive Match Flo, we see Apollo Crews retaining his championship against MVP last night. Mark Henry is in the ring with the arm wrestling table.

Apollo Crews vs. Bobby Lashley – Arm Wrestling Contest

Mark Henry says we're six days away from Payback and Bobby Lashley vs. Apollo Crews, but tonight we're gonna find out who's the strongest. I get that Apollo is the face, but Lashley is clearly the strongest. Anyway, Henry brings Lashley comes out. Then Crews.

Mark Henry says he wants this to be a fair match, so he didn't allow MVP or Shelton Benjamin out here. Lashley is incredulous. He says he doesn't need any help to beat Crews in arm wrestling. And he's gonna take his title on Sunday. He calls Crews "little man." Crews laughs and says the same that happened to MVP last night will happen to Lashley on Sunday. But first, he's gonna beat him in this contest.

Henry tries to move this along. Lashley takes a long time to get started. Lashley puts his foot on the railing on the bottom of the table, which Tom Phillips tells us is illegal. Crews stomps Lashley's foot and quickly slams his hand down, winning. Henry allows it, though. Lashley is mad. He attacks. Crews escapes. Hurt Business comes out to attack, but Crews knocks them down. Then they have to sell awkwardly as Crews takes forever to retrieve his title from the ring. Then he leaves—what a waste of time.

We see a recap of the Dominik Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins match from yesterday. Charly Caruso interviews the Mysterios backstage. She wants to know Rey's thoughts on the match last night. Rey says he's proud of his son, even though he didn't win. Charly asks Dominik if he was nervous. Dominik says yes, but he had his family in his corner. Rey says that's something Seth doesn't understand. Seth will have to deal with the consequences now because Rey's son has become a man. Rey hooked him up with some rats after the match. Rey tells Dominik he loves him, and tonight will be a great night. Seth isn't gonna ruin this moment.  Seth talks about the future of Monday Night Raw, but Dominik is the future. Raw goes to commercials.

Raw Promo – Lana and Natalya

Lana and Natalya are in the ring. Is this show over yet? Lana says they're here to induct a special woman into the Hall of Fame. Lana talks up Natalya, but tonight they're paying tribute to Mickie James. Natalya says Mickie was a trailblazer, but every trail ends. Tonight, they're gonna retire the chick with the kick. Natalya plays a video of Mickie's greatest WWE highlights.

It's just a black screen. They laugh. Mickie's music plays. She runs out and shoves Natalya; then, chick kicks Lana. Mickie leaves. Time well spent.

Keith Lee is gonna fight Randy Orton after some commercials. Okay, that could turn this show around. Shane McMahon is talking to the RAw Underground bodyguard when Hurt Business arrives. They want to fight tonight. Shane lets them in. Commercials. We'll finish this in part three. Click down below.



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