X-Men Gold #27 Review: The Wrong Kind of Wedding Planning

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Colossus has been taken by Alpha and Nance. Iceman, Pyro, and Nightcrawler warn the rest of the team of the threat to Piotr Rasputin's life. The X-Men assemble to track down Colossus with the help of Rachel Summers.

The grand plan? Nance and Alpha plan to use the Legacy Virus still in Piotr's blood to recreate the virus deadlier than ever.

X-Men: Gold #27 cover by Phil Noto
X-Men: Gold #27 cover by Phil Noto

I'm no geneticist, so I can't say if it all works like that. I do have my doubts.

So, I returned to X-Men: Gold thinking we were nearing the "Wedding of the Century" only to discover that we are still a couple of issues away.

That said, I actually liked this comic. It paced itself well, the threat is interesting and draws upon X-Men history, and I enjoyed the way the characters were presented.

It's not the most brilliant thing in the world. The comic has numerous subplots begging for attention and slow down the main plot. Both Nance and Alpha could be more interesting given their origins. The reason Alpha gives for wanting to kill mutants especially left me rolling my eyes.

X-Men: Gold #27 art by Geraldo Borges and Arif Prianto
X-Men: Gold #27 art by Geraldo Borges and Arif Prianto

Geraldo Borges handles the art in the bulk of the comic with David Marques brought on board for a short flashback sequence. Borges contributes excellent artwork with a lot of detailing and playing with shadow and sequencing. He also uses stylism to emphasize mood and expression from time-to-time. It's unique work which stands out. Marquez's work was almost unrecognizable, as he gives a flair to invoke a classic comic aesthetic. It works, though, and it was a nice touch to the overall book.

Arif Prianto's color work compliments the art of Borges quite well with a balanced palette which evokes the emotions and atmosphere of the book well. Matthew Wilson does the same with the flashback sequence, bringing a lighter and almost pastel palette which adds to the cheer of the scene.

X-Men: Gold #27 is a solid installment to this series with a fun and well-paced story and solid artwork. The relation to the "Wedding of the Century" is tangential at best, but I enjoyed it and can recommend the comic. Feel free to check it out.

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