Marvel Comics X-Men Vs Sentinel #3 Statue Lands at Iron Studios

Iron Studios has announced another amazing Marvel Comics X-Men Vs. Sentinel Battle Diorama Statue for its ongoing statue series. We have been covering most of these statues this week and it looks like the final piece is in play. This massive statue comes in at 34 inches tall and features 5 iconic X-Men that are […]


Storm Casts Her Lightning with New Iron Studios Statue

The X-Men are making one final stand against an army of Sentinels who have attacked the X-Mansion. Iron Studios has released a bunch of X-Men statues over the past couple of months and now Storm is making her stand. Each of these statues is all able to connect to the larger Sentinel hub. The main […]

Marvel Legends Gets Cuckoo with New X-Men Figures

Marvel Legends Gets Cuckoo with New X-Men Figures

Marvel Legends from Hasbro is one of the best figures to collect for all the comic book fans. They are bringing your favorite characters to life and this time we are getting a three for one figure and a retro figure. Announced at dormant, con in Germany we were greeted with two new Marvel Legends […]

Storm Pulling a Last Jedi in Black Panther #13 (Preview)

Storm Pulling a Last Jedi in Black Panther #13 (Preview)

Next week's Black Panther #13 puts Storm in an awkward position. For one thing, she's supposed to be off in an alternate universe as part of the Age of X-Man event, but instead it turns out she's hanging out in Wakanda, teaming up with Shuri and whatnot. How can Storm be in two places at […]

Marvel Legends Retro Collection X-Men Figures Up For Order Now

Marvel Legends Retro Collection X-Men Figures Up For Order Now

Marvel Legends collectors have yet another wave of figures to preorder, as we can now order ourselves the latest wave of Retro Series figures. This wave is all about mutants, as the X-Men take center stage. Six figures in all, including variants that fans have long wanted to add to their shelves. And yes or […]

Bishop Was Originally Supposed to Sleep with Storm, Not Jean Grey, in Age of X-Man

Bishop Was Originally Supposed to Sleep with Storm, Not Jean Grey, in Age of X-Man

We've often called Age of X-Man: Prisoner X the best out of all the Age of X-Man mini-series. It's a psychological thriller set in a prison and starring longtime fan-favorite X-Men character Bishop, written by Vita Ayala with art by German Peralta, and makes excellent use of the concept of an alternate reality "utopia" where […]

The X-Men Show Trump How to Do Disaster Relief in Next Week's Marvelous X-Men #3

The X-Men Philosophy on Disaster Relief in Marvelous X-Men #3

The Age of X-Man may be a dystopia where all human connection is outlawed, but there are still some things they get right. Take, for instance, the response of the X-Men to a hurricane in the Bahamas in this preview of Age of X-Man: Marvelous X-Men #3… Storm is well-suited to this kind of work, […]

Storm Gets a Promotion in Next Week's Uncanny X-Men #9

Storm has had a lot of ups and downs over the years. Losing her powers, gaining a mohawk, beating Cyclops in a duel for leadership of the X-Men, regaining her powers, losing a mohawk, married to Black Panther, dumped by Black Panther during a stupid super-mega-crossover event, and even getting her own Asgardian hammer that […]

A Storm is Coming in Next Week's Shuri #2

Storm and Black Panther have shared a lifelong love that was finally realized in marriage back in Black Panther Vol. 4 #18, a tie-in to Civil War. Of course, a marriage that began during a heroes vs. heroes super-mega-crossover event, an old adage said, is destined to end during another, and that's exactly what happened […]

Gentle Giant Marvel Animated Storm Statue 2

Storm is the Latest Marvel Animated Statue From Gentle Giant

Storm is coming to Gentle Giant's Marvel Animated statue line. She will become the 2oth release, which is crazy. These statues are based on the artwork of Skottie Young, and have been insanely popular with collectors. Storm will retail for $64.99 and can be preordered right now here. She will be released in spring of […]

Here's Another Page of Mahmud Asrar's Art for Uncanny X-Men

November can't get here fast enough, and we're not just saying that because we're fat and we like Thanksgiving dinner. November also sees the long-awaited relaunch of Uncanny X-Men by the all-star creative team ofEd Brisson, Kelly Thompson, Matthew Rosenberg, Mahmud Asrar, R.B. Silva, Yildiray Cinar, and Pere Pérez. We've already seen a few pages of unlettered […]

X-Men: Gold #35 cover by Phil Noto

X-Men: Gold #35 Review: A Perfectly Average Comic

Storm is swarmed by Uovu and the villagers whom he's resurrected. Ororo is forced to fight off her birth parents and all those under Uovu's thrall. Meanwhile, the X-Men fight the X-Cutioner halfway around the world. Stormcaster finds them and opens a portal to Storm and Uovu, providing Ororo with reinforcements. But, is it enough? […]

Hunt for Wolverine: Dead Ends #1 Review – Fun, But Adds Little to the Story

Iron Man and Daredevil are called to the Xavier Institute to talk about what they found with Kitty Pryde of the X-Men. Both Tony and Matt have made some discoveries, but none of them are good. Kitty has similar news from herself and Sabretooth. While they are talking about their next move, three tungsten missiles […]

X-Men: Red #7 cover by Jenny Frisson

X-Men Red #7 Review: Abominations in the Sea, Sentinels in the Sky

Atlantis is under attack by Cassandra Nova. She has sent Kid Abomination to destroy the city until he drowns. Jean Grey, Storm, Gentle, and Namor are on the scene to respond. Above the Atlantic, Trinary, Wolverine, Gabby, Nightcrawler, and Gambit are in the process of stealing the phone of the deceased British ambassador. However, one […]

X-Men: Gold #34 cover by Phil Noto

X-Men Gold #34 Review: When the Story Moves Too Fast for Its Own Good

Storm reflects on the day she lost her parents as she processes their resurrection. Uovu, a god who has suddenly appeared in the village in which Ororo was raised, has brought Storm's parents back to her somehow. As happy as Ororo is, she can't leave Uovu uninvestigated, and she searches his compound. Back in New […]