Zavvi Liquidates 50 DC Comics Hardcovers, £2.50 Each, Run Don't Walk

UK retailer Zavvi, who took over the Virgin Megastore franchise, and then went online, is having a clear-out of a bunch of DC Comics hardcovers. These are the volumes published in the UK by Eaglemoss Collections, overseen by former Bleeding Cool writer Chris Thompson. With cover prices from £12.99, they are being sold ten for £24.99, around £2.50 each. That is a massive discount, even for comic book stores. Expect these to be snapped up very fast, sell out from Zavvi, go up on Amazon marketplace, sell out at about double the price, and then go out of print and rise in value above cover price. And you lucky Bleeding Cool readers get in at the ground floor. There is no financial incentive for this article, save getting Bleeding Cool readers an insane deal on a company charging way too little for these volumes. They have fifty such volumes, you could buy them all for £125, the lot, whereas full price would be around £650. So dive in… those Darwyn Cooke volumes have to be a must.

Zavvi Liquidates 50 DC Comics Hardcovers, £2.50 Each, Run Don't Walk.
Zavvi Liquidates 50 DC Comics Hardcovers, £2.50 Each, Run Don't Walk.
  1. Invasion – Special Edition 10
  2. Kingdom Come Part 1
  3. Kingdom Come Part 2
  4. Solo! Part 1
  5. One Earth Wonder Woman and Green Lantern
  6. The New Gods Part 1
  7. The New Gods Part 2
  8. Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow – Volume 63
  9. The Legion of Super Heroes – The Great Darkness
  10. The Flash Lightning in a Bottle
  11. Green Arrow: Year One – Volume 45
  12. Flash: Terminal Velocity
  13. Shazam/Superman: First Thunder – Volume 68
  14. Superman/Batman: World's Finest – Volume 66
  15. Swamp Thing Part 1 – Volume 65
  16. Teen Titans – Birth of the Titans
  17. Justice League of America: The Nail Graphic Novel – Volume 24
  18. Justice League of America: New World Order – Volume 52
  19. The Flash: The Return of Barry Allen – Volume 48
  20. Superman/Batman: Public Enemies – Volume 5
  21. Wonder Woman: Gods and Mortals – Volume 50
  22. Justice League: Rise And Fall
  23. Batman/Huntress: Cry For Blood – Volume 61
  24. Green Lantern: The Revenge of the Green Lanterns – Volume 67
  25. Green Arrow/Green Lantern: Hard Travelling Heroes – Volume 58
  26. Batman: Birth of the Demon Part 1 – Volume 33
  27. Batman And The Outsiders
  28. Superman/Batman: Supergirl – Volume 21
  29. Legends
  30. Green Arrow: Quiver Part 1 – Volume 37
  31. Green Arrow: Quiver Part 2 – Volume 38
  32. Justice League of America: Another Nail – Volume 49
  33. Catwoman: The Trail of Catwoman – Volume 36
  34. Superman/Batman Generations I
  35. JSA: The Golden Age – Volume 69
  36. Justice League of America: Act of God – Volume 62
  37. Checkmate Part 1
  38. Wonder Woman Part 1
  39. Justice League of America/JSA: Virtue and Vice – Volume 64
  40. JLA Scary Monsters
  41. Teen Titans The Future is Now
  42. Wonder Woman Part 2 Vol.99
  43. JSA: Justice Be Done
  44. Teen Titans: A Kid's Game
  45. Catwoman: Selina's Big Score – Volume 28
  46. Teen Titans: The Return Of Donna Troy
  47. Superman: Panic in the Sky
  48. Green Lantern Lights Out Hard Cover (N52)
  49. Superman Birthright Part 1 – Volume 40
  50. The New Frontier Part 2 – Volume 47

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