343 Industries Shows Two New Images From "Halo Infinite"

The crew over at 343 Industries gave us one little surprise before they headed off for the holidays, and that was a small look at Halo Infinite. We got these two new images from them showing off the game with some 4K imagery. The first one being Master Chief looking at the interior section of a part of the Halo ring. The other being an exterior shot of the Halo, showing off the destroyed section being held in place by what looks like a force field. Probably there to make sure it doesn't drift and break apart into more sections. They also gave us some minor details about Halo Infinite without getting too in-depth.

343 Industries Shows Two New Images From "Halo: Reach"
Credit: 343 Industries
  • General Details
    • Release date: Holiday 2020
    • Platforms: Xbox Series X (formerly known as Project Scarlett), the entire Xbox One family of devices, and Windows PCs
    • In Universe Timing: It follows the Master Chief's story some time after Halo 5: Guardians' conclusion
    • Flighting Programs: These opt-in flights will start small and slowly expand out until release, so sign up for the Halo Insider program!
    • Pro Team: We've assembled an internal Pro Team for Halo Infinite
  • Game Features
    • Splitscreen: Splitscreen is up and running internally
    • LAN: Halo Infinite will support LAN
    • Back in Black: Black Undersuits will be in the game
    • Player Customization: If you liked the level of armor customization options in Halo: Reach, you will be pleased
    • SR 152: Players who hit SR 152 in Halo 5: Guardians will receive a token of appreciation in Halo Infinite
    • Forge: Our famous editing tool will be in Halo Infinite and will have Undo & Redo buttons, which is a first for Forge.
343 Industries Shows Two New Images From "Halo: Reach"
Credit: 343 Industries

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