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Halo: The Master Chief Collection Launches Season 8
343 Industries has officially launched Season 8 into Halo: The Master Chief Collection along with a ton of new content to boot This is the season that fans of the franchise will get a kick out of as they decked a ton of it out in gold and red coloring, along with 100 new tiers[...]
Halo Infinite Finally Has A Launch Date & Limited Edition Bundle
Xbox Game Studios and 343 Industries revealed a proper launch date for Halo Infinite during Gamescom 2021's Opening Night livestream We now know the game will finally be released on December 20th, 2021 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, after having been delayed a couple of times for the team to work on[...]
We Now Know What The Halo 3 Testing Will Include
Last week, 343 Industries dropped a small bit of news that people have caught onto today as Halo 3 will be getting new content For a bit of clarity, the original game came out in 2007, and while it received a number of updates and DLC content throughout its run, the last time it got[...]
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343 Industries dropped some bad news yesterday as they confirmed that Halo Infinite will be pushed again back to the Fall of 2021 Joseph Staten, who is a Senior Creative Director with Xbox Game Studios, took to the Halo Waypoint blog to essentially drop the news without actually having to make a formal announcement You[...]
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In a weird statement put out by the company recently, 343 Industries says they'll be "much more communicative" about Halo Infinite The team sent out a giant update before they headed off to Thanksgiving last week, going over a number of subjects related to previous games in the Master Chief Collection, as well as some[...]
Halo 4 Has Now Been Optimized For Xbox Series X
Microsoft and 343 Industries revealed today that Halo 4 has been optimized for the Xbox Series X to be played in wonderful 4K To be precise, this is the version of the game from Halo: The Master Chief Collection both on Xbox and PC, not the backward compatible version Those looking to play the game[...]
Halo 4 Gets Delayed For The Master Chief Collection
It sounds like the team is aiming to get the game added by the holidays so that fans have about as complete a Halo collection on the title before Halo Infinite comes out in 2021. Halo 4 is the next title headed to Halo: The Master Chief Collection, courtesy of 343 Industries. Today's update is going to[...]
Halo 3: ODST Testing Is Coming To Master Chief Collection This Month
343 Industries announced today that they have officially loaded up Halo 3: ODST into Halo: The Master Chief Collection In what is arguably the best storyline from the entire run of Halo games produced by Bungie, you'll be serving with a specific group dropped into New Mombasa during the last big battle in the city,[...]
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The word came down this afternoon from 343 Industries Studio Head Chris Lee, which we have for you in full below The shorthand to the message is that COVID-19 has played a bigger role in delaying the game than anything, and rather than rush out an incomplete game, they're pushing the release date back to[...]
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On the Japanese website, they've highlighted the genre area, and when translated the genre given to them is "Battle royale shooting". Would you want to see a battle royale mode in Halo Infinite? Courtesy of 343 Industries. Now on the one hand, if this is correct and there is a battle royale mode in Halo Infinite, it[...]
Halo 3: ODST Testing Is Coming To Master Chief Collection This Month
Courtesy of 343 Industries. Now we know from the latest update on Halo Waypoint that 343 Industries will be doing a test flight of the game in the Master Chief Collection for PC to see how well the game will run and hold up with modern improvements We have the details for you below of what[...]
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Some cool news this week from 343 Industries as the developer has confirmed Halo Infinite's multiplayer will be free-to-play Let's be very honest about something here when it comes to the Halo series You may enjoy the story and playing the campaign, but the reality is most every player comes here for the multiplayer Ever[...]
Razer & 343 Industries Partner Up For Halo Infinite Gear
Razer and 343 Industries announced today that they've formed a new partnership to create gaming peripherals centered around Halo Infinite As you might suspect, the deal will have Razer creating a line of controllers, mice, keyboards, headsets, and other gear featuring the game's official branding and art style That way you can get your game on[...]
Xbox Gives More Details To Their New Smart Delivery System
You also get to see the game in the majestic 4K brilliance that the Xbox Series X will bring to the series. We now have an idea of what's happening in Halo Infinite, courtesy of 343 Industries. The two weapons that became the highlight of the video were the Drop Wall and the Grappling Hook The wall[...]