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This includes exclusive PC versions of games like the Halo series including the latest, Halo Infinite, the Gears of War games series, and games in every imaginable genre including RPGs, RTS, and various cult indies like the just-released Samurai sidescroller Trek to Yomi and the challenging cult combination of old school Legend of Zelda and[...]
Halo Infinite Reveals More Lone Wolves: Season 2 Maps & Modes
Xbox Game Studios and 343 Industries offered up a deeper dive into the coming content for Halo Infinite – Lone Wolves: Season 2 The team posted an extended look into the latest season on Xbox Wire, as they have set up what will be a multi-season storyline that throws your own personal Spartan in the[...]
Halo Infinite Reveals More Lone Wolves: Season 2 Maps & Modes
343 Industries dropped a new blog today going over some of the new maps and modes additions for Halo Infinite Lone Wolves: Season 2 Some of the major reveals that will get people stoked for the new season are King of the Hill, Land Grab, and Last Spartan Standing All of which bring their own[...]
Halo Infinite Announces Season 2: Lone Wolves
343 Industries has released a brand new trailer for Halo Infinite showcasing the content on the way for multiplayer Season 2: Lone Wolves The team had already revealed some of what's on the way, which we have a snippet for you below to read up on, as they will be dropping the new season on[...]
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In a bit of interesting news today, the Lead Narrative Designer behind Halo Infinite has announced their departure from 343 Industries Aaron Linde has been an integral part of the game leading up to its release last month, but unlike a lot of departures that happened in 2021, this is actually an amicable one Linde[...]
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343 Industries has added a brand new set of items to the shop in Halo Infinite as you can get your meme on with these Mister Chief items The team revealed the items on their Twitter feed this week with the fun caption "You're the absolute zenith of human endeavor and a perfect encapsulation of[...]
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Leave it to dataminers to uncover something new about Halo Infinite less than a month after release as a new cutscene has been found Of course, we expected people to take the game apart at some point to find all of the hidden stuff throughout it, and at some point come across content we didn't[...]
Looks Like Halo Infinite Will Be Getting Griffball Soon
According to a new leak online, it looks like 343 Industries may finally be adding the fan-favorite mode Grifball to Halo Infinite soon When the game was finally launched, social media went crazy over the final list of multiplayer options, wondering when they would get a chance to play the mode in this brand new[...]
Designer Confirms Halo Infinite Grunts Are Braver Than Normal
If you've been playing Halo Infinite, have you noticed that the grunts have been a little bolder than normal? That's because they are! Throughout the series, the tiny grunt characters are usually one of two things: bold and stupid, or loud and cowardly They make the perfect foil to pick up a quick weapon when[...]
We Review Halo Infinite On The Xbox Series X
With 15 games over a 20-year franchise, Halo Infinite already had a ton of expectations thrown onto it the minute it was announced Especially after Halo 5 failed to meet a number of expectations from longtime fans and the few games released since then have primarily been for fun and entertainment in different ways rather[...]
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343 Industries has released a brand new trailer today for Halo Infinite, this time giving us the proper CGI cinematic vibes People have been freaking out over the free-to-play multiplayer beta that's been taking place the past couple of weeks, some giving it praise for being fun and awesome and a throwback to classic forms[...]
Dr. Squatch Releases New Halo-Branded Spartan Scrub Soap
Squatch has released a new brand of soap before Halo Infinite is released as you can now get the Halo-branded Spartan Scrub soap Working with 343 Industries, the men's natural soap company has made this special limited-edition soap that is designed to help you both feel your freshest and energize you for the day ahead[...]
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Xbox Game Studios and 343 Industries released a brand new Halo Infinite video today as they give us a better look at the game's campaign While there is a ton of familiarity here, there's also a lot of new stuff to do, as the video is quick to point out that while you may be[...]