A Hat in Time is Not Coming to the Nintendo Switch

Fan favortie A Hat In Time won't be getting a Nintendo Switch port according to developer Gears for Breakfast.
a hat in time

A Hat in Time seems like the perfect game for the Nintendo Switch. The throwback 3D platformer takes influence from a bunch of classics, and especially those on the Nintendo 64. Banjo Kazooie and Mario 64 run through the blood of this title, and the easiness of taking it on the move with you is definitely enticing. It seems like it could be a really neat title to play on a commute for a quick nostalgia hit.

Sadly, it doesn't look like it is happening. Answering fans on Twitter (via Nintendo Life), Gears of Breakfast seemingly didn't mince words.When asked when a port of the game might be coming, they said simply, it wasn't.

Importantly, this comment doesn't have the usually mandated 'at this time' in these sort of comments from developers. This seems definitive. Fairly final as it were, so I think we can scratch a Switch port coming at all. When asked about not bringing the game to Switch despite the Nintendo influencer they didn't mince words, saying:

So, I think that kind of puts that to bed. I don't think we should be expecting to see the title make it to the platform anytime soon. A shame, but there is almost certainly a reason for that. Hopefully