Abs Vs. The Blood Queen Has Been Put Into Early Access

Killer Queen creator BumbleBear Games has released a new game into Early Access this week with Abs Vs. The Blood Queen. In what looks like an awesome and also horrifying experience, the crew has taken the KQ assets and turned them into a platformer where you're one of the small minions in the game trying to make your way through a truly haunting nest of challenges. The game's Early Access version on Steam is available right now with two worlds: The Outskirts and Hell. Every level you enter is different than the last time you popped in with challenges, enemies, and pitfalls that will either make you slam a controller or come back for more. No timetable yet on when more content will come or a proper release date, but hey, we got this! You can read more on it below along with the trailer.

Is it worth all this just for a berry? Courtesy of BumbleBear Games.
Is it worth all this just for a berry? Courtesy of BumbleBear Games.
Abs Vs. The Blood Queen is a procedurally-generated, tough-as-nails retro platformer starring Killer Queen's most iconic hero: Abs! Tap and flap through a series of perilous pitfalls while competing for high scores on multiple evolving battlefields. Abs will die (a LOT) on his quest to dethrone the devious Blood Queen, but the thrill of the hunt, dynamic soundtrack, and competitive leaderboards keeps players saying "just one more run." Seasoned Killer Queen veterans will feel right at home slamming berries into Warrior gates to gain their wings, outmaneuvering opponents in air-to-air combat, and combining power-ups to become the Totally-Not-Busted Speed Warrior. New players can quickly learn the skills they need to survive, and those skills also translate directly between the other games in the KQ Universe.
"After our Kickstarter, we wanted to launch on Steam Early Access because we know that games like Killer Queen live and die entirely by their community," said Josh DeBonis, president of BumbleBear Games. "Further input from our awesome dedicated player base will help with our commitment to create the best version of Abs Vs. The Blood Queen possible."

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