Adventure Sync Will Be Coming To "Harry Potter: Wizards Unite"

Niantic announced today that a new addition was coming to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite in the form of Adventure Sync. Players will soon be able to link their accounts to their Apple Health or Google Fit apps and start reaping the health-monitoring benefits while they're playing the game. Everything you rack up with be used to unlock your Portkey Portmanteaus and notify you when it's done. This will all come with new artwork, new goals and rewards, a tie-in with events, and a chance to discover Foundables that weren't previously collectible. No date was given for the new addition to go live, but here's a little more info on how it will work in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Adventure Sync Will Be Coming To "Harry Potter: Wizards Unite"
Credit: Niantic

While you're out during your morning commute, taking a stroll around town, or on an evening jog, Adventure Sync will connect with Apple Health or Google Fit to record your walking distance even while Harry Potter: Wizards Unite isn't running. Once enabled in the Settings menu, your walking distance will be tallied in the background and applied toward your Portkey Portmanteaus. Adventure Sync is completely optional and can be turned on or off at any time in the game settings.

Alongside the release of Adventure Sync, we'll also be making some updates to Portkeys and the rewards collected from them. You'll first notice that you will be able to hold two additional Portmanteaus in your inventory, now for a total of 10. As you unlock Portmanteaus, there will also be new artwork to visually differentiate between the different types–2 km Portmanteaus will reveal a Boot, 5 km a Kettle, and 10 km a Deflated Ball. You may also notice that some Portkey environments, such as Umbridge's Office, that were previously available during Brilliant Events, will be appearing again. In addition, tapping Wrackspurts within any Portkey will now also have a chance to reward players with Spell Energy. Players may also discover additional Foundable fragments which weren't previously able to be collected from Portkeys.

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