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AEW Games Reveals A Lot Of Nothing On Latest Livestream

All Elite Wrestling promoted a new AEW Games livestream that happened this morning and it sounded like there was a ton to talk about. In reality, we got a whole lot of nothing, and it almost felt like a complete waste of time. The first two episodes of what they're calling the 2.Show had a lot of info on all of the games that they were coming out with at that time. Since then, AEW Casino: Double Or Nothing has been released for all of your wrestling/gambling needs, while the company is still hard at work on their next mobile title, Elite General Manager, and the official AEW wrestling game being produced by Yuke's Co. Ltd. (the same company that produced many of the WWE 2K titles before they were taken off the series). So naturally, we assumed there would be something even cooler this time around to check out.

Episode three of 2.Show had a lot of promise but not much content. Courtesy of AEW Games.
Episode three of 2.Show had a lot of promise but not much content. Courtesy of AEW Games.

The show was hosted by Kenny Omega and Allie, AKA The Bunny, as they talked about all three games. However, there wasn't much here to talk about. The only update we got for AEW Casino was that an update was on the way with new dealers, prizes, interactions, and more. But no footage to show or a release date for the content. They then moved on to Aubrey Edwards who talked about Elite General Manager as we got to see a few new clips from the game, but it's still in development with no formal release date and maybe some big news coming in May. The final bit about the AEW game from Omega himself was that there was no news because he didn't have anything interesting and he didn't want to waste our time until they had something cool to show. Which is respectable, but ultimately said nothing in the process. The show concluded with the news that Omega is busy and can't host all the time, so Allie would be taking over as host moving forward.

Honestly, we really appreciate AEW Games making three titles and making sure the fans have some awesome games to play. But they hyped this up like it was their version of a Nintendo Direct when in reality it was 15 minutes that could have been cut down to four and released in the afternoon as a quick update. The live chat tied to this video was unforgiving as well, so much so we had to close it to avoid the negativity (and we recommend the same). You can check out the video below if you want to see the footage from the EGM game, which is the highlight of the video. We'll see if they have anything new when Episode 4 happens in May.

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