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Alchemist Adventure Shows Off A New In-Depth Trailer

This morning, and Bad Minions released a more in-depth trailer introducing you to the world of Alchemist Adventure. This trailer shows off far more of what you'll encounter in the game are you are a spellcaster on a mission in the abandoned region of the land of Isur. You awaken to find yourself in an unknown area with your memory not so intact, as you must now find your way out. Unfortunately, a lot of danger stands in your way, and it's up to you to navigate your way back home through the perils ahead while crafting spells using the four elements and solving puzzles along the way. We have a list of some of the new elements revealed in the game from the devs below, along with the trailer. You can currently try them out in the game as it is currently in Early Access on Steam. Alchemist Adventure will be released for PC and all three major consoles this Fall.

Use your spells to fight off danger and find a way home in Alchemist Adventure, courtesy of Bad Minions.
Use your spells to fight off danger and find a way home in Alchemist Adventure, courtesy of Bad Minions.

Alchemy Tools and Elements:

  • New flask: Use the flask to combine elements and materials to create a new type of bomb — the barrier.
  • New element — Water: Use this to craft potions that make ice and produce other effects such as rain and snow.
  • New element — Earth: Create Lava, stone walls, and other earthly effects with this potion ingredient.

Enemies and Bosses:

  • New enemy — Flamefly: This fiery, lava-spewing butterfly is as lethal as it is beautiful.
  • New enemy — Alligator: This humanoid reptile uses its claws, tail, and jaws to make quick work of its foes.
  • New enemy — Armorsaur: A heavily armored dinosaur-like homunculus, this new enemy was used as a tank during Isur's wars.
  • New boss — Crystalis: Cute, but incredibly dangerous, this homunculus dragon has crystal claws and can make use of multiple elements for attack and defense.


  • New region — Plains: open fields, lakes, and other outdoor features await — along with a new quest!
  • New region — Geysers: Acid lake, lava, and, as the name implies — geysers. While exploring the geyser region, players can expect plenty of puzzles.
  • New region — Homunculi Factory: An alchemy rich region previously used to make new homunculi, it now challenges Mya with element-focused puzzles focusing on earth.

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