Anthem is Banning Players That Exploit the Game For Loot Farming

BioWare is been dropping the ban hammer on a number of players who have been exploiting Anthem to do a little bit of loot farming. The biggest player to get banned for the exploit is YouTuber Gladd, who posted a video about what happened over the weekend. The exact term used for receiving a permanent ban in the game was "Economy Exploitation", in which he was using a couple of different farming plans and methods to essentially cheat his way to get the Masterwork and Legendary gear. On top of that, he was using another exploit on the Storm Javelin that allowed him to have an unlimited power source for his Ultimate ability, making it so he could use it several times in a row to clear out areas quickly.

BioWare has since fixed a number of the exploits that were being used over the past week, and we're sure they're going to be fixing more of these now that they've banned people. The problem is we don't know how many were banned or how big of an issue this was in Anthem. So there's really no way to tell if this was them catching people in an obvious exploit or if it was more damage control from stuff they didn't know about. We'll see if more people get banned in the weeks to come and how big these exploits truly were.

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