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Anthem's Cataclysm Event Seems Underwhelming

BioWare revealed Anthem's endgame Cataclysm event on Twitch yesterday, and while the event looks pretty cool, it doesn't do enough for fans already bored of the game.

The Cataclysm event will last six weeks, and functions like a freeplay mode set in a special instanced area with its own map. The map will change week to week, as will the rewards. The mode will be score-driven with higher scores granting better rewards and greater amounts of the special Cataclysm currency.

The mode will also have a countdown timer to the end of the mission, which is to defeat Vara, leader of a new faction of Dominion who started the Cataclysm in the first pace. Players can get more time by completing different activities.

One of the new activities are arenas, which have orbs at the center of them. When the orbs are destroyed, they create safe zones that protect players from the environmental hazards of the Cataclysm.

However, as PC Gamer states:

The wait has not been worth it.

Don't get me wrong, Cataclysm is cool. But after waiting for so long to be revealed—and set against the backdrop of Anthem's fundamental flaws—Cataclysm is hardly a reason to reinstall Anthem if you're already frustrated with the disjointed mess of BioWare's loot shooter. Not to mention it still doesn't have a set release date, though players can test it out on Anthem's upcoming test server in the next few weeks.

That sentiment has been repeated multiple times on the game's reddit, where fans have noted that the Cataclysm event detailed by BioWare on stream is far from what was promised. After all, these Cataclysm events don't seem to be changing the game map going forward, as they were initially intended to. Instead, the Cataclysm appears more like, well, Fortnite killing Tilted Towers only to bring it back as a shopping mall.

Unfortunately, if you haven't given up on Anthem yet. Now might be the time.

You can check out the reveal stream for Cataclysm below.

Watch Anthem Developer Livestream – The Cataclysm | 3pm CT from anthemgame on

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