Anthem is a live-service co-operative shooter video game published by Electronic Arts. The game was developed by EA subsidiary BioWare and released on February 22, 2019 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC through EA's Origin hub.

Anthem is set on an unnamed planet where players assume the role of a heroic adventurer, called a Freelancer in-game, who wears a powerful exosuit and defends humanity from various threats including the Monitor who seeks to control the titular Anthem of Creation, which is a powerful force responsible for most of the technology, phenomena, and threats in the world of the game.

Anthem released to mixed reviews, many critics citing the game's repetitive gameplay, shallow story, and technical issues as major problems.

Anthem Is Getting A Complete Rework According To Devs

"Anthem" Is Getting A Complete Rework According To Devs

According to a brand new blog post on BioWare's website, Anthem is going to be getting an overhaul which includes a complete rework. BioWare's Casey Hudson let players know that the game would be getting some changes in the months to come. And while the current season won't see much in changes, the game itself […]

Surprise Anthem is Getting Mass Effect Costumes For N7 Day

Surprise! "Anthem" is Getting "Mass Effect" Costumes For N7 Day

Anthem is getting a fun new set of Mass Effect-inspired costumes, just in time for N7 Day. If you too were upset by the poor quality of Mass Effect Andromeda (as well as Anthem) to play either one, this may come as a depressing announcement. Fortunately, the costumes look very cool. They're available for purchase […]

Bioware Talks Long-Term Support For Anthem In New Blog

Bioware Talks Long-Term Support For "Anthem" In New Blog

It's been a minute since we've talked about Anthem, which we can't really be blamed for as Electronic Arts have put more behind Apex Legends this year. So Bioware took the initiative this week to write a new blog post about the game and address the issues of the game's long-term support. In a new […]

BioWare has Learned to Listen to What Fans Want in Regards to Anthem

BioWare has "Learned to Listen to What Fans Want" in Regards to "Anthem"

At EA Play today, the stream took a short segment between the main game updates to talk about Anthem. BioWare's Ben Irving popped up on the stream to chat about the game's presence at EA Play, which is really focused just on the game's influencers and the game's Cataclysm event that's live right now. That said, they […]

Anthems Cataclysm Event Seems Underwhelming

Anthem's Cataclysm Event Seems Underwhelming

BioWare revealed Anthem's endgame Cataclysm event on Twitch yesterday, and while the event looks pretty cool, it doesn't do enough for fans already bored of the game. The Cataclysm event will last six weeks, and functions like a freeplay mode set in a special instanced area with its own map. The map will change week to […]