Apex Legends Releases New Character Trailer For Vantage

Respawn Entertainment keeps making their way to the next season of Apex Legends as we now have a proper character trailer for Vantage. The latest season called "Hunted" is set to launch on August 9th, and with it comes a new Legends to the fray with Vantage, who is a crack shot sniper with a few tricks up her sleeve beyond just being a long-range foe. Although, her sniper skill is pretty impressive and will make you and your teammates check every possible point for a nest in which someone can perch and take out everything in sight. We have the full rundown of her abilities in the game from the developers for you below, along with the trailer itself showing the character in action putting all of these to use.

A look at Vantage in Apex Legends: Hunted, courtesy of Respawn Entertainment.
A look at Vantage in Apex Legends: Hunted, courtesy of Respawn Entertainment.

After being forced to learn everything the hard way, Vantage is ready to hit the Apex Games with her best shot. As the ultimate survivalist, Vantage is unfathomably good with a scoped weapon and can see a threat coming down from her sniper scope thousands of meters away.

  • Passive – Spotter's Lens: Using her Spotter's Lens to read tactical information on enemy squads at a distance, Vantage always has the upper hand with critical intel like Legend name, Shield rarity, team size and range.
  • Tactical – Echo Relocation: Vantage's companion Echo is at the ready to help her reposition herself in a fight. Using her modified jetpack and targeting system, Vantage can launch herself towards Echo's position and take the high ground.
  • Ultimate – Sniper's Mark: There's nowhere to hide from Vantage's custom sniper rifle, which reveals enemies with its scope and with its ammunition: a successful hit highlights opposing squads for 10 seconds accompanied by a diamond marker, and damage scales up with each hit.

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