Apex Legends Shows Off More Content For Season 7

Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment have revealed more about Season 7 of Apex Legends as it has now officially gone live on the servers. Along with the addition of the new Legend you see here named Horizon, and the addition of a new map, the team has put together a new Battle Pass for you to sink your teeth into. When you buy into the pass, you can now personalize your experience in the game with new music packs, loading screens, banners, gun charms, holosprays, high-flying skydive emotes, and a ton of other content that makes everything from the drop to the victory original to you. The developers have also reworked the Battle Pass and challenge progression systems to a new streamlined system for rewards. You'll also see in the lobby that there's an improved challenge tracker on the right side of the screen highlighting daily and weekly challenges, with an in-match tracker that will give you the chance to track your personal progress. You can check out more in the two videos below.

A look at Horizon, the latest Legend to be added to Apex Legends. Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment.
A look at Horizon, the latest Legend to be added to Apex Legends. Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment.

Once thought lost into the abyss of space, Horizon has returned to become the Legend of Olympus — finding herself at home, but also lost in time as she fights to return to her son. A master of gravitational fields, Horizon's abilities bring an entirely new dimension to the games. Using her tactical Repulsion Star for a powerful gravity lift, Horizon's abilities give squads the advantageous high ground during battle. Her passive uses her advanced space suit to let players maneuver through mid-air and land softly from great heights. Perfected in the depths of space, her robotic companion and ally N.E.W.T. lets players create a micro black hole perfect for pulling squads out of cover and holding them for the kill.

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