Apogee Announces New Survival Platformer Residual Coming This Year

Apogee Entertainment announced today that they have a new game on the way with the survival platformer known as Residual. Developed by OrangePixel, this particular game is a space-faring exploration title with procedurally generated planets and levels for you to rummage through. The game literally has thousands of possibilities for terrain, climate, wildlife, and survival conditions, which you will have to contend with. You can check out screenshots, info on the game, and the announcement trailer here as it will be released on PC and all major consoles (including next-gen) sometime later this year.

Apogee Announces New Survival Platformer Residual Coming This Year
Credit: Apogee Entertainment
In a forgotten galaxy full of strange planets, a lone explorer crash-lands on one with the ancient mystery. Venture forth from the shipwreck across a harsh, unpredictable, procedurally generated world. Harvest food and make campfires to stay alive. Craft science-fiction survival tools like shields, force fields, teleporters, and mining devices. Hunger, cosmic storms, hostile biological life, and more stand between the voyager and survival.
OrangePixel's Nature Engine generates planets and creatures from a vast set of environment-based rules, then drops explorers on a single world brimming with potential. If a planet orbits close to the sun, intense heat, high winds, and sparse vegetation will pose a set of challenges wildly different from other worlds. Further from the sun, long nights make stamina easier to maintain, but reduced sunlight turns every function of your solar-powered suit—like scanning the terrain—into a critical decision. Every kind of planet and ecosystem welcomes different creatures, with over 3,000 possibilities for passive and aggressive fauna.
Unpredictable yet accessible, Residual welcomes players to a non-violent survival experience with limitless possibilities and no traditional combat. Jump and descend through colorful, highly detailed pixel art evoking classic 2D platformers. Solve light puzzles to reveal secrets of a long-lost civilization. Select a male, female, or non-binary protagonist. Customize survival parameters like how fast time advances. Race to repair the ship, dig up ancient secrets, or collect data entries on thousands of undiscovered objects and life forms. You'll also have your snarky and occasionally helpful Personal Disaster Bot (PDB) with you the entire way.

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