Arcade Puzzler Fillit Set For Steam Release On June 2nd

Indie developer and publisher 11Sheep announced this week that they'll be releasing their arcade puzzler Fillit onto PC on June 2nd. This will take you back to some old-school '80s titles as you'll be using these special pucks in the game to solve challenges by building walls and aiming things correctly, while also navigating through several different obstacles placed in the way. The game will have solo challenges but can also be played co-op with a friend. We have the trailer and more info below as it will drop this coming Thursday.

Arcade Puzzler Fillit Set For Steam Release On June 2nd
Credit: 11Sheep

Experience nostalgic gameplay with mind-blowing new mechanics in this throw back to the days of Xonix and Volfied. Beat your friends and enemies in crazy arenas. And may the faster player win. Fillit challenges players to master up to 90 levels with increasing difficulty. The goal of the game is simple: you need to cover a certain amount of the board while avoiding the enemies that hunt you. Plan your moves, dodge bullets and avoid getting hit by enemies. You will find power ups along the way that will make your life easier but don't get confident! One simple mistake and you will have to start all over again.

  • Master your skills over more than 90 single player levels. Overcome increasingly difficult levels while new challenges appear as you move forward.
  • Team up with a friend and destroy the AI in more than 40 co-op levels. Because there's nothing more beautiful than sharing victory with a friend, right?
  • Show your friends who's boss in the local multiplayer madness that allows up to four players to compete in lightning-fast matches.
  • Terrorize your opponents by mastering the different power ups that will appear on each level. We guarantee they will run for their lives!

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