Bandai Namco Releases "The Residence" DLC for Little Nightmares

Bandai Namco has finally released the latest expansion to Little Nightmares in the form of "The Residence" DLC, which acts as the final chapter to Secrets of the Maw. Along with the trailer below, the company also posted a bit of a Q&A on their European website, which we've posted the most important pieces of it below for you to check out. Best of luck to all of you going up against The Lady and finding out what secrets she has in store for you.

Bandai Namco Releases "The Residence" DLC for Little Nightmares
credit//Bandai Namco

Can we unlock new achievements in this chapter?

Yes, there will be trophies to discover just like the other chapters. We have asked the watchers who keep track of such things to take extra care to record all of your deeds within the Residence. Even those you accomplish in secret.

Can this chapter answer any questions about the world outside of the Maw?

Sure it could, but we've resisted the temptation to just tell you everything, as it's way too much fun reading all of the theories you've created! Though hopefully by the end of this chapter you'll understand a little more about what makes the world of Little Nightmares turn the way it does.

Who are the shadow kids?

They're nobody in particular. Just like all children, they're forever being left behind; and just like all shadows, they're difficult to escape.

Will there be more DLC for Little Nightmares now that the three chapters of the Secrets of the Maw have been released?

You only want DLC? You really should be demanding more of us! Rest assured, there is a world without The Maw, and if we ever get a chance to pay it a visit, there will no doubt be many tales to tell there.

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